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Photographs of Frankfort and Elberta, Michigan

Frankfort and Elberta Area Photographs »

Frankfort and Elberta Area Photographs

  Elberta, Michigan

Elberta, Michigan 0

Elberta, Michigan 1

Downtown Elberta.
Elberta has a bike route along Frankfort Avenue and Furnace Street.

Elberta, Michigan 2

Elberta, Michigan 3

Elberta Waterfront Park.
LaRue House Bed & Breakfast.

Elberta, Michigan 4

Elberta, Michigan 5

Life Saving Station at Elberta Waterfront Park.
Elberta United Methodist Church.

Elberta, Michigan 6

Elberta, Michigan 7

A view of Betsie Bay and Frankfort from Elberta Waterfront Park.
Elberta Marina Pavillion Park.

Elberta, Michigan 8

Elberta, Michigan 9

Fishing at Elberta Waterfront Park.
Boardwalk at Elberta Beach.

Elberta, Michigan 10

Elberta, Michigan 11

View of the harbor light and lighthouse from the Elberta scenic overlook.
Betsie Valley Trail between Elberta and Frankfort.



Elberta Post Office.
Boats on Betsie Bay.

  Frankfort, Michigan

Frankfort, Michigan 0

Frankfort, Michigan 1

Welcome to Frankfort.
Downtown Frankfort.

Frankfort, Michigan 2

Frankfort, Michigan 3

Frankfort City Hall.
Entering Frankfort.

Frankfort, Michigan 4

Frankfort, Michigan 5

Frankfort Mineral Springs.
The walking path at Lake Michigan Beach leads to the pier for the lighthouse.

Frankfort, Michigan 6

Frankfort, Michigan 7

Lake Michigan Beach in Frankfort.
View of a dune from Lake Michigan Beach.

Frankfort, Michigan 8

Frankfort, Michigan 9

A path winds through Lake Michigan Beach.
Walking on the path at Lake Michigan Beach.

Frankfort, Michigan 10

Frankfort, Michigan 11

Using the swings at Lake Michigan Beach.
You can see the lighthouse from Lake Michigan Beach.

Frankfort, Michigan 12

Frankfort, Michigan 13

Riding bikes near Rotary Park.
The Betsie Valley Trail goes through Rotary Park.

Frankfort, Michigan 14

Frankfort, Michigan 15

Rotary Park area.
Wintertime at Rotary Park.

Frankfort, Michigan 16

Frankfort, Michigan 17

Frankfort United Methodist Church.
Garden Theater in Frankfort.

Frankfort, Michigan 18

Frankfort, Michigan 19

Frankfort's Open Space Park.
Open Space Park in winter.

Frankfort, Michigan 20

Frankfort, Michigan 21

Playground at Market Square Park.
Market Square Park.

Frankfort, Michigan 22

Frankfort, Michigan 23

Downtown in winter.
Using the Betsie Valley Trail in Frankfort.

Frankfort, Michigan 24

Frankfort, Michigan 25

A&W drive-in restaurant in Frankfort.
More of downtown Frankfort.

Frankfort, Michigan 26

Frankfort, Michigan 27

Frankfort Municipal Marina.
Marina area in Frankfort.

Frankfort, Michigan 28

Frankfort, Michigan 29

Saint Ann Parish Roman Catholic Church in Frankfort.
Glen's Market in Frankfort.

Frankfort, Michigan 30

Frankfort, Michigan 31

Father Marquette Cannon Park.
More of Cannon Park.

Frankfort, Michigan 32

Frankfort, Michigan 33

Betsie Bay Inn in Frankfort.
Historical marker at the corner of Main Street and 4th Street, former location of the Frankfort Sailplane Company.

Frankfort, Michigan 34


Hang-gliding near Frankfort.

  Lighthouses in the Area

Lighthouses in the Area 0

Lighthouses in the Area 1

Frankfort North Breakwater Lighthouse.
People like to walk on the pier to the lighthouse.

Lighthouses in the Area 2

Lighthouses in the Area 3

Closer view of the Frankfort North Breakwater Lighthouse.
View of the lighthouse and harbor light from the Elberta scenic overlook.

Lighthouses in the Area 4

Lighthouses in the Area 5

Point Betsie Lighthouse.
Beautiful blue water of Lake Michigan at Point Betsie.

  More of Calumet and Laurium

More of Calumet and Laurium 0

More of Calumet and Laurium 1

Esch Road Beach.
Visitors Center for the Sleeping Bear Dunes in Empire.

More of Calumet and Laurium 2

More of Calumet and Laurium 3

The Dune Climb.
Glen Haven Maritime Museum.

More of Calumet and Laurium 4

More of Calumet and Laurium 5

Icebergs on Lake Michigan.
A winter day near Lake Michigan at Sleeping Bear Dunes.

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