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Photos of Grand Haven, Michigan

Grand Haven Photographs »

Photos of Grand Haven Area Parks, Trails, Historic Spots & More

  Grand Haven State Park

Grand Haven State Park 0

Grand Haven State Park 1

Grand Haven State Park has one of the most popular beaches in West Michigan.
Another view of the beach.

Grand Haven State Park 2

Grand Haven State Park 3

The beach house at Grand Haven State Park has changing facilities and restrooms.
The state park is full of campers over the summer.

Grand Haven State Park 4

Grand Haven State Park 5

A busy day at the beach on a Coast Guard Festival weekend.
Grand Haven State Park's beach at sunset

  Bicentennial Park

Bicentennial Park 0

Bicentennial Park 1

Bicentennial Park is a great spot for relaxing.
The boardwalk next to the park is used for walking, jogging, and bicycling.

Bicentennial Park 2

Bicentennial Park 3

There is a deck over the shops at Bicentennial Park.
Another view of the waterfront.

Bicentennial Park 4


You can watch Grand Haven's musical fountain from Bicentennial Park on most nights during the summer.

  Central Park

Central Park 0

Central Park 1

Central Park has a large World War I memorial.
Central Park is a great spot for a picnic.

  Chinook Pier

Chinook Pier 0

Chinook Pier 1

The farmer's market is held under the pavillion at Chinook Pier.
A statue near Chinook Pier honors Boyscouts.

Chinook Pier 2

Chinook Pier 3

The walking path to the waterfront at Chinook Pier.
Chinook Pier's picnic area.

Chinook Pier 4


The historic Pere Marquette train engine is located at Chinook Pier.

  Escanaba Park

Escanaba Park 0

Escanaba Park 1

Escanaba Park honors those who served on the U.S.S. Escanaba.
The memorial at Escanaba Park.

Escanaba Park 2

Escanaba Park 3

The boardwalk cuts through Escanaba Park and goes through Lighthouse Connector Park. The Pier Peddler near the park offers ice cream during the summer.
Escanaba Park has a great view of the Grand River.

  Five Mile Hill

Five Mile Hill 0

Five Mile Hill 1

Five Mile Hill is off the beaten path. Its overlook offers a great view of Grand Haven. Just don't park your car and walk to the beach from here unless you want to get towed.
The spectacular view from Five Mile Hill.

  Lighthouse Connector Park

Lighthouse Connector Park 0

Lighthouse Connector Park 1

The Lighthouse Connector Park is located along the Grand River. Grand Haven's lighthouse is located on the South Pier.
The boardwalk at the Lighthouse Connector Park at night.

Lighthouse Connector Park 2

Lighthouse Connector Park 3

Grand Haven South Pier and Pierhead Inner Lighthouses.
A large sailboat passes the lighthouse on a summer day.

Lighthouse Connector Park 4

Lighthouse Connector Park 5

The boardwalk at Lighthouse Connector Park leads to Grand Haven South Pier and Pierhead Inner Light.
Lighthouse Connector Park sign.

  Mulligan's Hollow

Mulligan's Hollow 0

Mulligan's Hollow 1

Mulligan's Hollow has a large wooden playscape.
The lodge at Mulligan's Hollow.

Mulligan's Hollow 2


Mulligan's Hollow has a large skate park.

  Kitchel-Lindquist Dunes Preserve

Kitchel-Lindquist Dunes Preserve 0

Kitchel-Lindquist Dunes Preserve 1

Kitchel-Lindquist Dunes Preserve has lengthy hiking trails over dunes and through wooded areas.
The trail offers a view of Lake Michigan at one point.

Kitchel-Lindquist Dunes Preserve 2

Kitchel-Lindquist Dunes Preserve 3

The Kitchel-Lindquist Dunes Preserve trail goes through the woods, where some of the hillier parts of the trail are located.
A view of the dunes at Kitchel-Lindquist Dunes Preserve.

  Grand Haven Marina

Grand Haven Marina 0

Grand Haven Marina 1

A view of the marina.
The office for Grand Haven Marina.

  Grand Haven's Boardwalk

Grand Haven's Boardwalk 0

Grand Haven's Boardwalk 1

Walking on the boardwalk near the marina.
The boardwalk is close to Harbor Drive near the Coast Guard station.

Grand Haven's Boardwalk 2

Grand Haven's Boardwalk 3

The boardwalk at Chinook Pier.
Helpful reminders for cyclists who use the boardwalk.

Grand Haven's Boardwalk 4

Grand Haven's Boardwalk 5

Walking on Grand Haven's Boardwalk at sunset.
The boardwalk provides beautiful views of Grand Haven's waterfront area.

Grand Haven's Boardwalk 6


The boardwalk is a great area to watch the sunset.




Running on the paved trail along Mercury Drive.
The trail along Hayes Street crosses US-31.



Biking on the boardwalk near Grand Haven's marina.
Biking on a paved trail on the east side of Grand Haven.



There is a bike lane on the north side of Franklin Street.
Another view of the bike lane on the north side of Franklin Street, closer to the waterfront area.

  Grand Haven Area

Grand Haven Area 0

Grand Haven Area 1

An eternal flame honors the armed services at Veterans Memorial Plaza.
The Coast Guard is an important part of Grand Haven and is honored every year with the Coast Guard Festival.

Grand Haven Area 2

Grand Haven Area 3

Some of downtown Grand Haven.
The Tri-Cities Historical Museum is in the old Grand Trunk Depot, which is located near the Waterfront Stadium.

Grand Haven Area 4

Grand Haven Area 5

Grand Haven's Waterfront Stadium.
A scenic view near the Waterfront Stadium.

Grand Haven Area 6

Grand Haven Area 7

A favorite spot in Grand Haven to get ice cream.
Grand Haven Farmer's Market is held at Chinook Pier.

Grand Haven Area 8

Grand Haven Area 9

There are several shops located near Chinook Pier.
Harbor House Inn is located on Harbor Drive near downtown.

Grand Haven Area 10

Grand Haven Area 11

Grand Haven City Hall.
Grand Haven's Musical Fountain performs shows on select nigths during the summer. The best place to watch the fountain is Bicentennial Park.

Grand Haven Area 12

Grand Haven Area 13

Grand Haven City Beach is located next to the beach for the state park.
There are several places to get ice cream and food near Bicentennial Park.

Grand Haven Area 14

Grand Haven Area 15

McKenzie Boy Scout statue near the Farmer's Market.
Historic Pere Marquette 1223 Train at Chinook Pier.

Grand Haven Area 16

Grand Haven Area 17

There are a few historical markers, like this one at The Tri-Cities Historical Museum, in Grand Haven.
Boating on the Grand River.

Grand Haven Area 18

Grand Haven Area 19

Snug Harbor is favorite gathering place in Grand Haven.
Grand Haven celebrates the Coast Guard Festival every summer, honoring those who protect the Great Lakes.

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