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Photos of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids Area Photographs »

Photos of Grand Rapids Area Parks and Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan

  John Ball Park

John Ball Park 0

John Ball Park 1

John Ball Park is home to the John Ball Zoo.
A statue near the front of the zoo honors John Ball.

John Ball Park 2

John Ball Park 3

Picnic and playground at John Ball Park.
Another playground at John Ball Park.

John Ball Park 4

John Ball Park 5

Nessie sculpture in the pond at John Ball Park.
John Ball Park's swan boats are a fun activity during the summer.

John Ball Park 6

John Ball Park 7

The Hilltop Pavillion at John Ball Park.
Playground near the Hilltop Pavillion.

John Ball Park 8

John Ball Park 9

Kent Trails, a popular recreational trail, starts a short distance from John Ball Park.
The Zoo Administration Education Building at John Ball Park.

John Ball Park 10

John Ball Park 11

Getting an upclose view of stingrays.
Riding a camel is a fun activity for kids.

John Ball Park 12

John Ball Park 13

Chimpanzees at the zoo.
Walking path to sky trail and small animal exhibits.

John Ball Park 14

John Ball Park 15

Snow leopard at John Ball Zoo.
Sky trail at John Ball Zoo.

John Ball Park 16

John Ball Park 17

Grizzly bear cooling off in a pool of water.
Bennett's Wallaby.

  Belknap Park

Belknap Park 0

Belknap Park 1

Statue of Charles Belknap, who served as aide to General Sheridan during the Civil War.
Tennis courts at Belknap Park.

Belknap Park 2

Belknap Park 3

View of a baseball diamond at Belknap Park.
Griff's Icehouse is located at Belknap Park.

Belknap Park 4

Belknap Park 5

Monument describing the Project 'X' landscape art located at Belknap Park.
Making the steep ascent up the Project 'X' path.

Belknap Park 6

Belknap Park 7

View from the top of the Project 'X' hill.
Project 'X' is a walking path and landscape art feature at Belknap Park.

Belknap Park 8


Part of the Project 'X' trail at Belknap Park.

  Briggs Park

Briggs Park 0

Briggs Park 1

Playground at Briggs Park.
Basketball court at Briggs Park.

Briggs Park 2

Briggs Park 3

Entrance for Briggs Park's pool.
Briggs Park has a pool with a waterslide.

  Clemente Park

Clemente Park 0

Clemente Park 1

The picnic shelter at Clemente Park has a painting of baseball hall-of-famer Roberto Clemente.
Clemente Park has a baseball diamond, north of the parking lot.

  Canal Park

Canal Park 0

Canal Park 1

Canal Park has a nice playscape.
Canal Park is located along the Grand River and has a view of the downtown skyline.

  Coit Park

Coit Park 0

Coit Park 1

Coit Park has two basketball courts.
A different view of a basketball court.

Coit Park 2

Coit Park 3

A picnic area is located near the playground.
Sign for Coit Park.

  Fish Ladder Park

Fish Ladder Park 0

Fish Ladder Park 1

The Fish Ladder allows fish to bypass the Grand River's dam.
A view of the dam.

Fish Ladder Park 2

Fish Ladder Park 3

Another view of the Fish Ladder.
Sixth Street Bridge Park can be seen from Fish Ladder Park.

Fish Ladder Park 4

Fish Ladder Park 5

A walking path starts near the Sixth Street Bridge, winds through Fish Ladder Park and continues south to GVSU's Eberhard Center.
Another view of the walking path.

Fish Ladder Park 6

Fish Ladder Park 7

Restrooms at Fish Ladder Park.
Sign for Fish Ladder Park.

  Highland Park

Highland Park 0

Highland Park 1

Highland Park has a large playground.
The sign for Highland Park.

Highland Park 2

Highland Park 3

The soccer and football field at Highland Park.
Playground at Highland Park.

  Kenosha Park

Kenosha Park 0

Kenosha Park 1

Basketball hoops at Kenosha Park.
Picnic shelter at Kenosha Park.

Kenosha Park 2

Kenosha Park 3

Part of the playground at Kenosha Park.
Plaster Creek Trail starts at the edge of Kenosha Park.

  Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park 0

Lincoln Park 1

Dafodils in bloom at Lincoln Park.
Tennis courts at Lincoln Park.

Lincoln Park 2

Lincoln Park 3

Large playground at Lincoln Park.
Swimming pool and waterslide at Lincoln Park.

Lincoln Park 4

Lincoln Park 5

Basketball hoops at Lincoln Park.
Baseball diamond at Lincoln Park.

  Mackay Jaycees Park

Mackay Jaycees Park 0

Mackay Jaycees Park 1

Basketball courts at Mackay Jaycees Park.
A picnic shelter at Mackay Jaycees Park.

Mackay Jaycees Park 2

Mackay Jaycees Park 3

Mackay Jaycees Park has several tennis courts.
Baseball diamond at Mackay Jaycees Park.

  Mary Waters Park

Mary Waters Park 0

Mary Waters Park 1

Playground at Mary Waters Park.
A basketball court at Mary Waters Park.

  Martin Luther King Park

Martin Luther King Park 0

Martin Luther King Park 1

Playground at Martin Luther King Park.
Playing tennis at Martin Luther King Park.

  Richmond Park

Richmond Park 0

Richmond Park 1

Picnic area at Richmond Park.
Richmond Park has two baseball fields.

Richmond Park 2

Richmond Park 3

Large waterslide and pool at Richmond Park.
Entrance to the pool at Richmond Park.

Richmond Park 4

Richmond Park 5

A paved path at Richmond Park.
Tennis courts at Richmond Park.

Richmond Park 6

Richmond Park 7

Playground at Richmond Park.
Sign for Richmond Park.

  Riverside Park

Riverside Park 0

Riverside Park 1

Running on the trail at Riverside Park.
The south entrance to Riverside Park.

Riverside Park 2

Riverside Park 3

Kayaking on the inland lake at Riverside Park during the spring.
The trail at Riverside Park is used by bicyclists, walkers and joggers.

Riverside Park 4

Riverside Park 5

One of the many baseball diamonds at Riverside Park.
Riverside Park has several picnic shelters.

Riverside Park 6

Riverside Park 7

Playground near the Riverbend Shelter at Riverside Park.
The disc golf course map.

Riverside Park 8

Riverside Park 9

Soccer fields at Riverside Park.
Riverside Park has three boat launch areas with ramps for launching boats into the Grand River.

Riverside Park 10

Riverside Park 11

Playground at Riverside Park.
Another picnic shelter at Riverside Park.

Riverside Park 12

Riverside Park 13

Pedestrian bridge for the trail at Riverside Park.
Another bridge at Riverside Park.

Riverside Park 14

Riverside Park 15

The trail at Riverside Park connects to the bike route along Monroe Avenue.
Cyclists can ride from Riverside Park to the White Pine Trail.

  Rosa Parks Circle

Rosa Parks Circle 0


Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids has an ice skating rink during the winter. During the summer, concerts are held at the band shell.

  Sixth Street Bridge Park

Sixth Street Bridge Park 0

Sixth Street Bridge Park 1

Sixth Street Bridge dates to 1886. It's the oldest and longest metal bridge in Michigan.
Sixth Street Bridge Park has a small picnic shelter with a view of the Grand River.

Sixth Street Bridge Park 2

Sixth Street Bridge Park 3

The dam on the Grand River and Fish Ladder Park are visible from the park.
A paved trail for winds through the park.

Sixth Street Bridge Park 4

Sixth Street Bridge Park 5

Cyclists using the path at Sixth Street Bridge Park.
Another view from Sixth Street Bridge Park.

Sixth Street Bridge Park 6

Sixth Street Bridge Park 7

Fishermen like to cast their lines near the dam and the boat launch ramp at Sixth Street Bridge Park.
Sixth Street Bridge Park has a shiny, unique sculpture.

Sixth Street Bridge Park 8


View of Sixth Street Bridge Park from I-196.

  Cascade Pathways

Cascade Pathways 0

Cascade Pathways 1

Trail along road
Another Cascade Pathways trail

Cascade Pathways 2

Cascade Pathways 3

Leslie Tassell Park
Statue at Tassell Park

  East Beltline Area

East Beltline Area 0

East Beltline Area 1

Trail along East Beltline, near Calvin College
Trail south of I-96

East Beltline Area 2

East Beltline Area 3

Trail north of I-96, near Meijer Gardens entrance
Frederik Meijer Gardens sign

East Beltline Area 4



  Kent Trails

Kent Trails 0

Kent Trails 1

Trail in Byron Center
Another view of trail

  Paul Henry Thornapple Trail

Paul Henry Thornapple Trail 0

Paul Henry Thornapple Trail 1

Bowen Street Station Park trailhead
Trail sign

  Plaster Creek Trail

Plaster Creek Trail 0

Plaster Creek Trail 1

Person walking on Plaster Creek Trail
Bridge along the trail

  Reed Lake Trail

Reed Lake Trail 0

Reed Lake Trail 1

Jogger running on Reeds Lake Trail during winter
Reeds Lake

  More of Grand Rapids

More of Grand Rapids 0

More of Grand Rapids 1

The beautiful riverfront in downtown Grand Rapids.
Grand Rapids Public Museum.

More of Grand Rapids 2

More of Grand Rapids 3

The riverfront area at night.
Van Andel Arena is home to the Grand Rapids Griffins hockey team and hosts many concerts and events during the year.

More of Grand Rapids 4

More of Grand Rapids 5

The downtown YMCA.
A snowy day near Grand Rapids Community College's campus.

More of Grand Rapids 6

More of Grand Rapids 7

The B.O.B. is a downtown gathering spot.
The Grand River on a February day.

More of Grand Rapids 8

More of Grand Rapids 9

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum is located in downtown Grand Rapids.
DeVos Place hosts conventions and other events in downtown.

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