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Photos of Parks, Trails, Historic Locations and More in Montague & Whitehall, Michigan

Photographs of the Montague & Whitehall Area »

Montague & Whitehall Photographs


Montague 0

Montague 1

Cyclist crossing at Dowling Street/Business US-31.
View of Montague near Dowling Street/Bus. US-31.

Montague 2

Montague 3

Hart-Montague Trail south of the trailhead, near Dowling Street/Bus. US-31.
Trailhead for Hart-Montague Trail State Park.

Montague 4

Montague 5

Medberry Bike Trail south of Dowling Street/Bus. US-31.
The bandshell at Roesler Lakefront Park hosts free concerts during the summer.

Montague 6

Montague 7

View of Medberry Bike Trail near the bandshell.
Parking lot at Medberry Park

Montague 8

Montague 9

Channel from White Lake to Lake Michigan, south of parking lot.
The White River Light Station is located on the channel between White Lake and Lake Michigan.

Montague 10

Montague 11

Lake Michigan beach at Medberry Park.
Ferry Memorial Reformed Church in Montague.

Montague 12

Montague 13

Dogs 'n Suds Drive-in is a popular place to eat in Montague.
Some of downtown Montague.

Montague 14

Montague 15

More of Montague.
Montague Branch Library.

Montague 16

Montague 17

The municipal boat launch in Montague is located at Roesler Lakefront Park.
Twisters Ice Cream is located close to the Hart - Montague Trail.

Montague 18

Montague 19

Medberry Park has a very nice beach on Lake Michigan.
A photo of the Hart - Montague Trail north of Montague.

Montague 20

Montague 21

Another photo of the Hart - Montague Trail.
There is a paved trail, part of the White Lake Pathway, on the south side of Dowling Street/Business US-31 that connects Whitehall and Montague.


Whitehall 0

Whitehall 1

Bridge for the Hart-Montague Trail at Covell Park, east of trailhead.
Sign for Covell Park entrance on Dowling Street/Bus. US-31.

Whitehall 2

Whitehall 3

View of the White River from Hart-Montague Trail bridge at Covell Park.
White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

Whitehall 4

Whitehall 5

Downtown Whitehall.
Another view of downtown Whitehall.

Whitehall 6

Whitehall 7

Picnic area at Goodrich Park.
White Lake.

Whitehall 8

Whitehall 9

The fishing pier and benches at Goodrich Park have nice views of White Lake.
Biking on the trail near the White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

Whitehall 10

Whitehall 11

The historic Howmet Playhouse in Whitehall.
Whitehall City Hall.

Whitehall 12

Whitehall 13

More of downtown Whitehall.
Walking on the White Lake Pathway near Goodrich Park.

Whitehall 14

Whitehall 15

Slocum Park has tennis courts.
Goodrich Park has a nice playground.

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