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Maps of Beaches, Parks, Trails, Attractions, Historic Spots & More in Sanford, Michigan

Maps of Parks, Trails, Restaurants & More in Sanford »

Maps of Sanford, Michigan

View maps of beaches, trails, parks, historic spots, restaurants, and more in Sanford by clicking a link for the online version (GIF) and PDF version. PDF versions are full-page maps, saved at a higher resolution.

Sanford Area Map - small map
  Sanford Area Map (Online version)

Sanford Area Map (PDF)

Trails included: Pere Marquette Trail section in Sanford; paved trail spur along Smith Street that goes north from the Pere Marquette Trail; a gravel trail at Sanford Park.

Parks included: Sanford Park and Pere Marquette Trail trailhead parks.

Also shows restaurants, stores, fishing spots, historical spots, museum, and more in Sanford, Michigan.

Sanford Lake Park Map - small map
  Sanford Lake Park Map (Online version)

Sanford Lake Park Map (PDF)

Sanford Lake Park is a large recreation area with a sandy beach on Lake Sanford. The park has a splash playground, picnic areas, and restrooms near the beach. A boat launch is located a short distance from the park's entrance.

Sanford Lake Park can be reached by from a spur of the Pere Marquette Rail Trail, which goes north from Saginaw Road to a bike lane that leads to the park's entrance.

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