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Sanford Area Photos

Sandford Area Photographs »

Sanford Area Photographs

  Pere Marquette Trail

Pere Marquette Trail 0

Pere Marquette Trail 1

An old railroad bridge, east of the parking lot at Saginaw Road and Smith Street, is part of the Pere Marquette Trail.
Sanford's museum is near the trail parking lot on the corner of Saginaw Road and Smith Street.

Pere Marquette Trail 2

Pere Marquette Trail 3

The trail passes the edge of the parking lot.
Cyclists on the Pere Marquette Trail.

Pere Marquette Trail 4

Pere Marquette Trail 5

The Sanford Staging Area, near downtown Sanford, has restrooms that are close to the trail.
A 'W' marker near the trailhead parking lot describes the significance of the signs along the trail. The 'W' marker is used to indicate that trains should sound their horns when entering an area.

Pere Marquette Trail 6


An historical marker near the trail describes the significance of State Salt Well No. 1.

  Sanford Park

Sanford Park 0

Sanford Park 1

There is a nice playset on the north side of the drive into Sanford Park.
The sign for Sanford Park and Sanford's Village Offices.

Sanford Park 2

Sanford Park 3

Sanford Park has a large pavillion on the northeast side of the park.
Sanford Park has five baseball diamonds.

Sanford Park 4

Sanford Park 5

The boat launch at Sanford Park is used for small boats, canoes, and kayaks.
The Sanford Senior Center is located at Sanford Park.

Sanford Park 6

Sanford Park 7

Fishermen love to cast their lines from Sanford Park's banks on the Tittabawassee River.
Another ball diamond at Sanford Park.

Sanford Park 8


There is a larger playscape on the southern side of Sanford Park.

  Sanford Lake Park

Sanford Lake Park 0

Sanford Lake Park 1

Sanford Lake Park is a relaxing place.
The boat launch at Sanford Lake Park.

Sanford Lake Park 2

Sanford Lake Park 3

The picnic area near the boat launch area.
Sanford Lake Park's splash playground.

Sanford Lake Park 4

Sanford Lake Park 5

Playing volleyball on the beach.
One of Sanford Lake Park's picnic shelters.

Sanford Lake Park 6

Sanford Lake Park 7

The bath house and concessions building is a short distance from the beach.
Another photo of Sanford Lake Park's beach.

Sanford Lake Park 8

Sanford Lake Park 9

A walking trail leads from the parking lot to the beach.
A playground at Sanford Lake Park.

  Chippewa Nature Center

Chippewa Nature Center 0

Chippewa Nature Center 1

Sanford Centennial Museum has lots of items and information related to Sanford's past.
Some of downtown Sanford.

Chippewa Nature Center 2

Chippewa Nature Center 3

More of Sanford.
Another view of Saginaw Road in Sanford.

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