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St. Charles Photographs.

St. Charles Area Photographs »

St. Charles Area Photos

  Lumberjack Park

Lumberjack Park 0

Lumberjack Park 1

The Saginaw Valley Rail Trail trailhead is at Lumberjack Park, off Water Street in St. Charles.
The Saginaw Valley Rail Trail goes north and then northeast to Stroebel Road.

Lumberjack Park 2

Lumberjack Park 3

The trail crosses an old railroad bridge over the Bad River.
A lumberjack sculpture near the trailhead.

Lumberjack Park 4

Lumberjack Park 5

An historical marker at Lumberjack Park describes St. Charles' roots.
Lumberjack Park has a playground on the northeast corner of the park.

  St. Charles Park

St. Charles Park 0

St. Charles Park 1

St. Charles Park is located off M-52. The play ark is very popular for playtime.
St. Charles has a large pavillion for get-togethers.

St. Charles Park 2

St. Charles Park 3

The Ken Fulton Memorial Roller Rink at St. Charles Park.
Rules for the roller rink are posted along the side boards. The rink is first come-first served.

St. Charles Park 4

St. Charles Park 5

A wide paved trail winds through St. Charles Park.
St. Charles Park's trail is used for walking, jogging, and biking.

St. Charles Park 6

St. Charles Park 7

The trail at St. Charles Park goes north along M-52 to Sunview and the crosses M-52 to connect to the rail trail.
St. Charles Park has three baseball diamonds.

St. Charles Park 8

St. Charles Park 9

Part of the playground at St. Charles Park.
The skate park features moveable ramps.

  St. Charles

St. Charles 0

St. Charles 1

St. Charles Historical Musuem is on Saginaw Street.
St. Charles Waterfowl Observatory is on the corner of Spruce Street and M-52 and is open to the public year-round.

St. Charles 2

St. Charles 3

Downtown St. Charles has several stores and businesses.
Another part of downtown St. Charles.

St. Charles 4

St. Charles 5

St. Charles Municipal Complex, which includes the village office.
Hartley Memorial Library is on the corner of Spruce Street and M-52.

St. Charles 6

St. Charles 7

Another view of downtown.
Fishing on the Bad River in St. Charles.

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