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Photographs of Wyoming Area.

Wyoming Area Photographs »

Wyoming Area Photos

  Kent Trails

Kent Trails 0

Kent Trails 1

Kent Trails is trail used for biking, hiking, walking, and jogging.
On the western city limts of Wyoming, Kent Trails crosses 44th Street and follows Spartan Industrial Drive to the Ramblewood Apartments compex.

Kent Trails 2


Part of Kent Trails near the Ramblewood Apartments compex.

  East-West Trail

East-West Trail 0

East-West Trail 1

The East-West connects Wyoming and Kentwood, starting at Division Avenue north of 52nd Street.
The segment of the East-West Trail at Eastern Avenue.

East-West Trail 2


A photo of the East-West Trail crossing Eastern Avenue.

  Battjes Park

Battjes Park 0

Battjes Park 1

Battjes Park has a paved walking trail that winds along a small lake.
Waterfowl, such as swans, geese and ducks, are common at Battjes Park.

Battjes Park 2

Battjes Park 3

Local fishermen use the park's fishing piers.
Battjes Park has two fishing piers on the lake.

Battjes Park 4

Battjes Park 5

The paved trail near the lake at Battjes Park.
Kayaks can use the lake at Battjes Park. Pictured is a sign stating the boating policy at the park.

Battjes Park 6

Battjes Park 7

Battjes Park has a basketball court and sand volleyball court.
Another photo of Battjes Park.

Battjes Park 8


Playground at Battjes Park.

  Frog Hollow Park

Frog Hollow Park 0

Frog Hollow Park 1

Frog Hollow Park has a very nice playground.
Another photo of Frog Hollow Park.

  Kelloggsville Park

Kelloggsville Park 0

Kelloggsville Park 1

Kelloggsville Park has an open area, picnic shelter, basketball courts, and tennis courts.
Another photo of Kelloggsville Park.

  Kimble Field

Kimble Field 0


Kimble Field is a baseball field with a large seating area. The field hosts Aquinas baseball games.

  Lamar Park

Lamar Park 0

Lamar Park 1

A large playground near the center of Lamar Park.
Lamar Park's sprayground.

Lamar Park 2

Lamar Park 3

Lamar Park hosts soccer games in the fall.
Lamar Park is a well-maintained, beautiful park.

Lamar Park 4

Lamar Park 5

A paved trail is on the west side of the Lamar Park.
Lamar Park has a small climbling wall near the playscape on the north side of the park.

Lamar Park 6


Sledding at Lamar Park.

  Marquette Park

Marquette Park 0

Marquette Park 1

Picnic shelter at Marquette Park.
Marquette Park has a nice playground.

Marquette Park 2


Swings at Marquette Park.

  Palmer Park

Palmer Park 0

Palmer Park 1

The 18-hole L.E. Kaufman Golf Course is located at Palmer Park.
Palmer Field is used for softball during the summer.

  Pinery Park

Pinery Park 0

Pinery Park 1

A large picnic shelter and playground equipment at Pinery Park.
The sledding hill at Pinery Park is very popular during the winter.

Pinery Park 2

Pinery Park 3

Pinery Park is home to many squirrels.
Pinery Park sign.

Pinery Park 4


The Wyoming Senior Center is located across the street from Pinery Park.

  Wyoming Dog Park

Wyoming Dog Park 0

Wyoming Dog Park 1

The Wyoming Dog Park is on the north side of town, near Kimble Field and Marquette Park.
Dogs playing at Wyoming Dog Park.

  More of Wyoming, Michigan

More of Wyoming, Michigan 0

More of Wyoming, Michigan 1

28th Street in Wyoming features many restaurants, stores and businesses.
Wyoming's beautiful police station.

More of Wyoming, Michigan 2

More of Wyoming, Michigan 3

The Beltline Bar has been in Wyoming for many years and is known for its tasty Mexican food.
Rogers Plaza is a large shopping mall on 28th Street, located near city hall.

More of Wyoming, Michigan 4

More of Wyoming, Michigan 5

The best donuts in the Grand Rapids area can be found at Marge's Donut Den.
Another photo of 28th Street in Wyoming.

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