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Mackinaw City - Petoskey Map and Information

The Mackinaw City - Petoskey Trail is primarily used for snowmobiling, but can also be used for mountain biking and hiking. The trail leaves Mackinaw City angling south to Levering, Pellston, and Alanson. From there it winds to the Michigan Fisheries Visitors Center at Oden and then to West Conway Road in Conway. The trail continues southwest and ends at Spring Lake Park and M-119 on the edge of Petoskey. The trail is not particularly well-maintained during the summer, and you will find grass in many sections of the trail.

There is a parking lot on the side of North Conway Road, and a small lot off West Conway Road on the drive for the nature preserve.

The trailhead in Mackinaw City is located on Mackinaw Crossings Dr., just east of Nicolet St. The trailhead serves two trails, the Mackinaw City to Petoskey Trail and the North Central State Trail, which connects Mackinaw City, Cheboygan, Indian River, Topinabee, and Gaylord.

Mackinaw City is bustling with tourists during the warmer months, but when winter arrives, the town is slower-paced. You'll still find many restaurants, stores, and hotels open from November to March. Even during winter, the Mackinac Bridge is an amazing sight.

Pellston has some restaurants and has a place to fuel up along US-31. Alanson has a gas station on the south side of town and some restaurants. Petoskey has numerous hotels, restaurants, stores, and more.

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