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Photos of the White Pine Trail and Nearby Cities

Photos of the White Pine Trail & Nearby Cities »

Photographs of the Trail & More


Cadillac 0

Cadillac 1

Cadillac trailhead at E 44 Road.
Road crossing near the trailhead.

Cadillac 2

Cadillac 3

White Pine Trail crossing at Sunnyside Drive.
The wide shoulder along Sunnyside Drive in Cadillac is used for biking, walking, and jogging around Lake Cadillac.

Cadillac 4


Boating on Lake Mitchell in Cadillac.


Tustin 0

Tustin 1

The trail near the Pine River Museum.
The trail leaving Tustin.

Tustin 2

Tustin 3

Some of Tustin.
The trail north of Tustin near County Line Road.

  Le Roy

Le Roy 0

Le Roy 1

Shelter near the trail in LeRoy.
Trail near the center of LeRoy.

Le Roy 2


Trail north of LeRoy near 17 Mile Road.


Ashton 0

Ashton 1

Trail near Ashton

  Reed City

Reed City 0

Reed City 1

Trail north of Reed City
Historic covered bridge on northern edge of Reed City

Reed City 2

Reed City 3

Reed City Depot for trails
Where White Pine Trail intersects the Pere Marquette Trail, east of Reed City Depot

Reed City 4


Photo of trail through Reed City


Paris 0

Paris 1

View from trail north of Paris

Paris 2

Paris 3

North of Paris
Another photo of trail north of Paris

  Big Rapids

Big Rapids 0

Big Rapids 1

North of Big Rapids, near 19 Mile Rd.
North of Big Rapids

Big Rapids 2

Big Rapids 3

View north from staging area in Big Rapids
Staging area in Big Rapids

Big Rapids 4

Big Rapids 5

Depot at staging area
View south from staging area

Big Rapids 6


Trail southeast of Big Rapids


Stanwood 0

Stanwood 1

North of Stanwood

Stanwood 2

Stanwood 3

Another photo of trail north of Stanwood
Trail at Stanwood


Morley 0

Morley 1

Trail park in Morley, which has picnic area and playground

  Howard City

Howard City 0

Howard City 1

Trail parking lot and facilities in Howard City
View of trail south from trail park


Pierson 0

Pierson 1

Trail through Pierson

Pierson 2


View of trail crossing road in Pierson

  Sand Lake

Sand Lake 0

Sand Lake 1

Trail on north edge of Sand Lake
Sand Lake

Sand Lake 2

Sand Lake 3

Trail on southern part of Sand Lake
Sand Lake

  Cedar Springs

Cedar Springs 0

Cedar Springs 1

Part of trail through Cedar Springs
Another view of trail in Cedar Springs

Cedar Springs 2


Cedar Springs


Rockford 0

Rockford 1

Part of trail south of downtown Rockford
Old railroad bridge south of Division St.

Rockford 2

Rockford 3

View of bridge that crosses Rogue River
Buildings in downtown Rockford.

Rockford 4

Rockford 5

South of Division St.
White Pine Trail parking lot on Main St. in Rockford

Rockford 6

Rockford 7

North of Rockford, where trail is near Rogue River
View of where trail crosses Summit Rd., near Trestle Park

Rockford 8

Rockford 9

Trestle Park, which is not directly connected to trail--you can look down on the park from the trail, which goes over the historic bridge
View of trail near 13 Mile Rd.

Rockford 10

Rockford 11

Russell Road Staging Area sign
Trail at Russell Road Staging Area, snowmobiles can go north from this point


Belmont 0

Belmont 1

Trail east of Belmont Ave.
Where trail crosses Belmont Ave.

Belmont 2


Rogue River Park

  Comstock Park

Comstock Park 0

Comstock Park 1

View east from White Pine Trail parking lot
View of where White Pine Trail branches north, parallel with US-131

Comstock Park 2


White Pine Trail bridge over W River Dr., east of Comstock Park

White Pine Trail logo logo

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