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Trails, Parks and More in the Cadillac area

Cadillac attracts visitors year-round for relaxing getaways. Its sparkling lakes, challenging golf courses, family-friendly parks and recreation trails are just part of what makes the town a Northern Michigan fun spot.

William Mitchell State Park

Located on the shores of Lake Mitchell and Lake Cadillac, William Mitchell State Park features swimming beaches and boat launches on both lakes. Day-use visitors can park a short distance from Lake Mitchell and use the sandy swimming beach. Campground users can swim at either lake.

A short canal connects the two lakes, flowing under M-115 and through the state park. Recreational boats can dock along the south side of the canal, and you can fish from the cement path along the canal.

William Mitchell State Park has a modern campground with 221 camping sites with electrical service and modern restrooms. Visit the DNR's Mitchell State Park web site for camping reservation information.

A large picnic shelter is located in the day-use area, on the west side of M-115. Additional picnic shelters are available a short distance away on North Boulevard at Kenwood Heritage Park.

The Heritage Nature Trail is a hiking route at William Mitchell State Park that winds through a wooded area and a marsh. The 2.5 mile trail offers views of native plants and wildlife. Note: you may want to use insect spray when using the trail during the summer since you may encounter mosquitos or deer flies along the trail.

Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center is part of Mitchell State Park and features a large aquarium with Michigan fish species, an auditorium, exhibit hall, archery range, and pellet gun range. The center hosts school programs and provides nature education.

Public Parks

City Park is a large, scenic park on Lake Cadillac. The park is home to the Rotary Pavillion, a band shell that includes several benches for seating. Other features include a playground, boat launch, fishing dock, and veteran's memorial. A section of the park crosses Lake Street and includes a beautiful fountain and the historic Shay locomotive. Keith McKellop Walkway meanders through City Park and offers spectacular views of Lake Cadillac.

Kenwood Park is a nice recreation area on Lake Cadillac with a scenic, sandy swimming beach. Lifeguards are on duty at the beach during the summer. Kenwood Park has a playground, boat launch, picnic areas, and a short walking path. The park is on the south side of North Boulevard, east of M-115.

Kenwood Heritage Park is across the street from Kenwood Park and features numerous picnic shelters, playgrounds, and a sand volleyball court. A hiking trail at the park leads to the Cadillac Heritage Nature Study Area within William Mitchell State Park.

Chris Blackburn Skate Park is on Chestnut Street and includes several ramps, quarter pipes, and grind rails for skateboarding. The large skate park is designed for all skill levels.

Cadillac's Sound Garden is located west of the skate park on Chestnut Street at the start of the Clam River Greenway. Wooden scupltures and boards within the park serve a musical purpose and can be played by visitors. The Sound Garden is a unique, interactive attraction.

Clock Pavillion Plaza is a small park at the corner of Chapin Street and Mitchell Street. A general map of the Lakeside District and Cadillac is located at the park.

Recreational Trails

Cadillac has several trails for biking, walking, jogging, and snowmobiling.

The White Pine Trail is a linear state park that travels south from Cadillac to Reed City, Big Rapids, Cedar Springs, Rockford and other communities before ending in Grand Rapids. The majority of the trail has a gravel/dirt surface, but there are several sections that are paved. The trail is used for biking, hiking, and snowmobiling. The entire trail covers almost 93 miles and features trailheads in cities along the route. The White Pine Trail trailhead for Cadillac is oon E 44 Road. For more about the trail, visit the The White Pine Trail section.

A popular bike route in Cadillac uses a portion of the White Pine Trail along with paved paths and bike lanes to circle Lake Cadillac. The bike route is very popular and provides beautiful views of the lake.

Keith McKellop Walkway is a walking route that starts at South Street, passes Rotary Pavillion, and curves through City Park around Lake Cadillac. The route is well used during the summer.

A hiking trail connects Kenwood Heritage Park and the Cadillac Heritage Nature Study Area and angles south to the Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center. The trail goes through wooded areas and marsh land and provides views of native plants and wildlife. If you use the trail during the summer, insect spray is recommended since you may encounter mosquitos and deer flies.

Clam River Greenway starts north of Chestnut Street at the Sound Garden. The paved path is used for biking, walking, and jogging.

During the winter months, the snowmobile trails near Cadillac are buzzing with activity. West-bound snowmobile trails lead to Mesick, Manistee, Kaleva, and Thompsonville. The White Pine Trail is open for snowmobiling south of Cadillac to just north of Rockford, and the trail is a popular choice for snowmobilers. See the maps page for snowmobile trail trails.

Other winter sports trails in the Cadillac area include cross-country ski and snowshoe trails at McGuire's Resort.

See the maps page for trail locations in the Cadillac area.

Boating & Kayaking

The Cadillac area is great for boating and kayaking. Lake Cadillac and Lake Mitchell are large, beautiful lakes that provide plenty of space for paddling, waterskiing and tubing. William Mitchell State Park have boat launches on both lakes. City Park and Kenwood Park have public boat launches on Lake Cadillac. The large wooden dock near the Rotary Pavillion can be used for launching a kayak on Lake Cadillac.


Fishermen flock to the lakes near Cadillac to fish for walleye, pike, bass, perch, bluegills, and crappie. The boat dock on Lake Cadillac near the Rotary Pavillion is a favorite spot to fish near shore. Lake Cadillac and Lake Mitchell are also great to fish if you own a boat since there are boat launches available at both lakes.

A valid fishing license is required to fish on Michigan lakes and waterways, and you can get a Michigan fishing license at Pilgrim Village Resort and Fishing Shop (181 Lake Mitchell Drive), Schafer's Bait & Sporting Goods (2722 Sunnyside Drive), and Meijer (8605 E 34 Road). You can also purchase a license online at the Michigan DNR E-License web site.


On the southern edge of Cadillac, McGuire's Resort is known for its beautiful golf courses. McGuire's Spruce Course is an 18-hole championship course that was recognized by Golf Digest as one of the best places to play in Michigan. The resort's 9-hole Norway Course features wide fairways and is a favorite for casual golfers.

More About Cadillac

Founded in 1872, Cadillac began as a lumber town on the shores of Big and Little Clam Lakes. In 1873, a canal was built to connect the two lakes, so that logs could be floated to the eastern shore of Big Clam Lake and the railroad lines for the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad. Much has changed since those days, including the names of the two lakes, which are now known as Lake Mitchell and Lake Cadillac. Historical markers recall the significance of the Shay Locomotive (at City Park) and the logging canal (at Mitchell State Park) and other locations in Cadillac, including the Carnegie Library Building, the Cobbs & Mitchell Building, and the Charles Mitchell House. See the maps page for the locations of historical markers in Cadillac.

Near downtown, Wexford County Historical Society (WCHS) Museum is located in the former Carnegie Library Building, which dates back to 1906. The museum features artifacts, photographs, paintings, documents, and more related to Wexford County's past. Visit the WCHS Musuem web site for the the museum's hours.

The Wexford Civic Center is located on Mitchell Street, and throughout the year, the venue hosts entertainment, races, weddings, and other events. The ice arena hosts high school and recreational hockey teams, as well as figure skating and learn-to-skate programs. Visit the Wexford Civic Center for a schedule of upcoming events.

Cadillac has many restaurants and stores to choose from, most of which can be found along Mitchell Street and Business US-131. Several specialty stores and family-owned businesses are located in downtown. Larger retailers, such as Meijer and Wal-Mart, are on East 34 Road.

For lodging, Cadillac has several chain hotels, including Comfort Inn, Days Inn and Econo Lodge. South of downtown, McGuire's Resort has standard rooms and suites.

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