Photographs of Chesaning, Michigan

Photographs of Chesaning

  Cole Park

Cole Park 0

Cole Park 1

The Riverboat Playland at Cole Park
Cole Park has a large picnic shelter and a smaller playground.

Cole Park 2


A paved path winds past the shelter.

  Showboat Park

Showboat Park 0

Showboat Park 1

The sign at the entrance to Showboat Park.
A basketball court and small playground are located near the front of the park.

Showboat Park 2

Showboat Park 3

The park has a large picnic shelter.
Several baseball diamonds are at Showboat Park.

Showboat Park 4

Showboat Park 5

A playground and shelter are located near Showboat Park's campground.
Part of Showboat Park's campground.

Showboat Park 6


The Chesaning Showboat is located at Showboat Park.

  Chesaning Township Playground

Chesaning Township Playground 0

Chesaning Township Playground 1

Next to the Chesaning Township offices there is a nice playground.
A view of the playground on Third.

  chesaning Street Park

chesaning Street Park 0

chesaning Street Park 1

Chesaning has a distinctive downtown area.
More of downtown Chesaning.

chesaning Street Park 2

chesaning Street Park 3

Entering Chesaning on M-57.
Peet Community Center is located on Saginaw.

chesaning Street Park 4


Chesaning has several bed and breakfasts, including the Stone House Bed & Breakfast.

Chesaning Parks logo

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