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Copper Harbor Photographs »

Photos of Copper Harbor Parks, Trails, Historic Spots & More


Fort Wilkins has been restored to its 1844 appearance.
Restoration of the fort began in the 1930s.

Exhibits and artifacts help tell the story of Fort Wilkins
Fort Wilkins bakery once served hungry soldiers.

The married enlisted men's quarters at Fort Wilkins.
Entering part of the fort.

Another view of Fort Wilkins.
Fort Wilkins Trading Post is a store with souvenirs and much more.

The state park has spot to view the Copper Harbor Lighthouse.
Wildflowers near the lighthouse viewing area.


The Scenic Lookout on Brockway Mountain Drive provides a great view of Copper Harbor, Lake Superior and Lake Fanny Hooe.
There is parking near the Scenic Lookout sign.

The Scenic Lookout is a favorite spot for snapping photos.
Lake Fanny Hooe.

A view of Copper Harbor from the Scenic Lookout.
The Lighthouse Tours boats leave from the Copper Harbor State Harbor.

The boat launch at Copper Harbor State Harbor.
The giftshop and restrooms building at the state harbor. Tickets for the Copper Harbor Lighthouse Tours are sold inside..

The dock area of the Copper Harbor State Harbor.
Some of the boat slips at the harbor.

The Sixth Street Dock and Boardwalk is a scenic spot.
Another view of the Sixth Street Dock and Boardwalk.

Transient docking is allowed at Grant Townships's Sixth Street Dock. Docking rates are per day.
A view of the Sixth Street Dock area from the Scenic Lookout.

Third Street Memorial Park.
The boat launch for Lake Medora is located near US-41. Lake Medora is south of Copper Harbor.


Lake Medora is a inland lake that's popular for fishing.


The trailhead for the Hunters Point Trail is near the boat launch at the Copper Harbor State Harbor.
Sign for the Hunters Point Trail.


The Hunters Point Trail is a nature trail that meanders through the woods.


Biking on US-41 near Copper Harbor.
Whether you ride your bike or drive your car, US-41 can be very beautiful on a sunny October day.

Entering Copper Harbor on M-26. A paved shoulder is on the sides of the road through Copper Harbor, ending at Fort Wilkins Historic State Park.
M-26 near the Old Country Store in Copper Harbor.

Sign for Brockway Mountain Drive and Lakeshore Drive/M-26.
View from part of Brockway Mountain Drive on a fall afternoon.

Going down Brockway Mountain Drive towards Copper Harbor.
When you bike or drive route on M-26 between Copper Harbor and Eagle River, you can see many cool places, like Eagle Harbor Light Station.

Eagle Harbor is located along M-26.
Between Eagle Harbor and Eagle River on M-26, you can see Jacobs Falls.

The Jampot has delicious cookies and is located along M-26.
Eagle River Falls is a short distance from M-26.

The historic bridge at Eagle River is near M-26 and Eagle River's village limits.
The Great Sand Bay is visible from the M-26 bike route.

Riding along US-41 near Phoenix.
The Central Mine Visitors Center is north of US-41 on Central Road.

Whether you bike or drive your way to the top, Brockway Mountain Drive has great views of Lake Superior.
View near the Sky Top Inn Gifts shop.

A person enjoying the view near the Sky Top Inn Gifts shop.
Going down Brockway Mountain Drive near the Scenic Lookout.


The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge has a popular golf course near Copper Harbor.
Cabins at Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.

Copper Harbor Lighthouse was built in 1866.
Copper Harbor Lighthouse is only accessible by boat.

Grant Township Hall and Copper Harbor Welcome Center, which is located in downtown Copper Harbor.
Harbor Haus Restaurant is one of the popular restaurants in Copper Harbor.

Keweenaw Adventure Company has bikes and kayaks for rent during the summer and early fall.
Astor House Museum is located behind the Minnetonka Resort.

Old Country Store at Copper Harbor.
Minnetonka Resort.

The Mariner North is an excellent restaurant in Copper Harbor.
Tamarack Inn and Harbor Lights Inn.

Copper Harbor is 1990 miles from Miami, Florida.
The Isle Royal Ferry Line is located near the Sixth Street Dock in Copper Harbor.

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