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Escanaba Area Photographs

  Ludington Park Trail System

Ludington Park Trail System 0

Ludington Park Trail System 1

Walking on the trail at Ludington Park.
The paved trail winds around Ludington Park and connects to the trail on Aronson Island.

Ludington Park Trail System 2

Ludington Park Trail System 3

The trail at Ludington Park loops past the harbor, marina, and historical museum.
The Ludington Park Trail goes along the Little Bay De Noc shoreline.

Ludington Park Trail System 4


The Ludington Park Trail has views of Aronson Island.

  Escanaba Parks

Escanaba Parks 0

Escanaba Parks 1

Escanba Municipal Beach beach is on east side of Aronson Island.
Rules for the beach are posted nearby.

Escanaba Parks 2

Escanaba Parks 3

The boat launch on Aronson Island is across from the Escanaba Municipal Marina.
A playscape near the beach on Aronson Island.

Escanaba Parks 4

Escanaba Parks 5

Veterans memorial at Ludington Park.
A historical marker at Ludington Park.

Escanaba Parks 6

Escanaba Parks 7

Ludington Park has beach volleyball courts.
Sledding at Ludington Park in Escanaba.

Escanaba Parks 8

Escanaba Parks 9

The gazebo at Ludington Park on a winter day.
Band shell at Ludington Park.

Escanaba Parks 10

Escanaba Parks 11

The Municipal Marina is located near Ludington Park.
Another view of the Municipal Marina.

Escanaba Parks 12

Escanaba Parks 13

Boating on Little Bay De Noc.
Escanaba Yacht Club is located at the Municipal Marina.

Escanaba Parks 14

Escanaba Parks 15

More of the Municipal Marina.
Baseball diamond at Stephenson Park.

Escanaba Parks 16

Escanaba Parks 17

Stephenson Park is on the north side of town.
Wall of Honor Park is at the corner of 11th Street & Ludington

Escanaba Parks 18

Escanaba Parks 19

The Civic Center is off North 21st Street.
A baseball diamond is locate near the Civic Center.

Escanaba Parks 20

Escanaba Parks 21

Rose Park has a large playground.
Webster Park has changing facilities and wading pool for children ages 3 to 10.

Escanaba Parks 22

Escanaba Parks 23

Baseball diamond at Royce Park.
Royce Park has horseshoe pits.

Escanaba Parks 24

Escanaba Parks 25

Ness Field is on the south side of Escanaba.
Lemerand Field is a softball complex on the south side of town.

  Photos of Escanaba

Photos of Escanaba 0

Photos of Escanaba 1

The Delta County Historical Museum is located near Sand Point Lighthouse and Ludington Park.
William Bonifas Fine Arts Center was built in 1938 and is located near downtown.

Photos of Escanaba 2

Photos of Escanaba 3

Some of downtown Escanaba.
The the offshore harbor light on Little Bay De Noc.

Photos of Escanaba 4

Photos of Escanaba 5

A winter day at Sand Point Lighthouse.
The historic House of Ludington Hotel in Escanaba.

Photos of Escanaba 6

Photos of Escanaba 7

First United Methodist Church was built in 1907.
Family Dollar and Domino's Pizza are on US-2/US41.

Photos of Escanaba 8

Photos of Escanaba 9

There are numerous restaurants and stores along Lincoln Road.
The Herehord & Hops building was built in 1914.

Photos of Escanaba 10

Photos of Escanaba 11

St. Joseph & St. Patrick Church was built in 1938.
Escanaba Free Lutheran Church.

Photos of Escanaba 12

Photos of Escanaba 13

The U.P. State Fair is held on the north side of Escanaba.
A ferris wheel at the U.P. State Fair.

Photos of Escanaba 14

Photos of Escanaba 15

Some of downtown Escanaba.
Escanaba City Hall and Library.

Photos of Escanaba 16

Photos of Escanaba 17

Delta County Courthouse.
The Delta County Commerce Center is on Ludington Street.

Photos of Escanaba 18

Photos of Escanaba 19

Sayklly's is famous for its chocolate and candy.
Mr. Bike Ski And Fitness Shop is on Ludington Street.

Photos of Escanaba 20

Photos of Escanaba 21

Biking in downtown.
Christ the King Lutheran Church.

Photos of Escanaba 22

Photos of Escanaba 23

Central United Methodist Church.
There are several hotels along North Lincoln Road (US-2/US-41/M-35).

Photos of Escanaba 24

Photos of Escanaba 25

St. Anne Parish in Escanaba.
More of US-2/US41/M-35.

Photos of Escanaba 26

Photos of Escanaba 27

Seventh Day Adventist Church in Escanaba.
Ernie's Irish Pub is on Ludington Street in downtown.

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