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Grosse Ile Photographs »

Photos of Trails, Parks and More on Grosse Ile


The trail along Meridian Road is very popular.
The paved trail near Ferry Road.

Riding on the paved trail near Meridian Road.
Taking a dog for a walk on the trail.

The paved trail along Groh Road.
You can also rollerblade on the paved trail.

Riding along the trail near the fire station.
You can ride on the paved shoulders along Grosse Ile Parkway.

Bike route near Manchester Road.
There is a wider shoulder on the west side of East River Road.

Downtown Detroit is visible in the distance from the bike route.
Another view of the bike route along East River Road.

The Detroit River.
There are historical markers near the bike route on East River Road.

View from the bike route along East River Road.
You will need ride close to the edge of the road in some spots along the bike route.

View of a boat dock from the bike route near East River Road.
Riding along Horsemill Road on Grosse Ile.


Adventure Island has a cool playscape for kids.
There are rules posted near the entrance to Adventure Island.

The Commons hosts free concerts in the summer.
There are a few picnic tables near the playscape at Adventure Island.

Airport Community Park is on the south side of Grosse Ile.
Airport Community Park has several soccer fields.

The Water's Edge has a nice municipal golf course.
The Water's Edge recreation area's basketball court.

Cortis Park has picnic tables and a grassy area.
Centennial Farm has horse stables and excercise areas.

Horses at Centennial Farm.
Playscape and playground at Centennial Farm.

Centennial Farm has a picnic shelter and beautiful gardens.
The Wildlife Sancutary is off Horsemill Road.


The Business District is located on Macomb Street.
The VFW Post.

St. James Episcopal Chapel.
Grosse Ile's Post Office.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church.
Grosse Ile Historical Society's museum.

Boating on the Detroit River near Grosse Ile.
The Grosse Isle Tennis Complex is locate near the airport.

Grosse Ile High School.
Grosse Ile Pilot House Lodging.

Grosse Ile Township Hall.
Elizabeth Park Marina is located near the bridge to Grosse Ile.

Grosse Ile Middle School.
Kroger is on Macomb Street.

Grosse Ile has several historical markers.
Hangar 1 at the old U.S. Naval Air Station.

Grosse Ile Presbyterian Church.
Sav-On Drugs is located on Macomb Street.


A freighter on the Detroit River.

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