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Hancock Area Photographs »

Hancock Area Photographs


The Quincy Mine was America's most productive copper mine from 1863 to 1867.
The old Powder House building is where visitors can buy their tickets for the mine tour.

The world's largest steam hoist engine is located in the Old No. 2 Hoist House.
Old railroad cars that transported rocks and ore from the mine.


Towering cloud bank north of the mine.


Off of US-41 on the north side of Hancock, there is a scenic overlook. Pictured is Michigan Tech's campus (zoomed in).
Wide view of Houghton from the Scenic View Turnout.

A location map found at the overlook
A view of Houghton from the scenic overlook.

A sunnier view of Houghton.
Cloudy morning.


Lake Superior is a short distance from the campground at F.J. McLain State Park.
A view of Lake Superior from part of the nature trail at F.J. McLain State Park.

Stairs to the beach near the lighthouse.
Breakwaters Beach House is near the west parking lot at F.J. McLain State Park.

Breakwaters Beach House is near the west parking lot is located on a pier at McLain State Park.
Surfers brave the chilly water of Lake Superior. They're wearing wet suits as they surf offshore.


Swimming area at Hancock Beach.
Swingset at Hancock Beach.

Picnic area at Hancock Beach.
Play area at Hancock Beach.

Porvoo Park honors Hancock's sister-city Porvoo, Finland.
Porvoo Park has a great view of Houghton and Portage Canal.

View of Porvoo Park, Houghton, and Portage Canal from the paved trail.
Boardwalk at Porvoo Park.

Playground at Laurn Grove Park.
Basketball hoop and rink at Laurn Grove Park.

Montezuma Park is located near downtown Hancock.
One of the ball diamonds at Driving Park Ball Fields.

Houghton County Marina is located on the Portage Canal, east of the bridge.
Picnic areas at Houghton County Marina.

Pine Park has a nicde playground.
Another view of Pine Park.

Third Street Playground.
Basketball court at Third Street Playground.

Terrace Park has a basketball court.
Playground at Terrace Park in Hancock.


A view of East Hancock Stairway Park.


The Jack Stevens Trail goes under the Portage Lake Lift Bridge.
The paved trail passes Ramada Inn.

A fishing pier, west of Ramada Inn, is accessible from the Jack Stevens Trail.
A stairway connects the trail to the Waters Street area.

Jack Stevens Trail on the northwest side of Hancock near Roberts Street.
Jack Stevens Trail near Ingot Street.

Paved trail and Jack Stevens Trail along US-41.
A sidewalk is located along US-41 near the 'Welcome to Hancock' sign.

Paved trail on the north side of US-41.
A paved trail is on the west side of US-41 near the Quincy Mine area.

Cyclists can ride along the paved shoulder on US-41 to ride to Calumet.
jogging on the paved path along Campus Drive in Hancock.


Some of downtown Hancock.
Quincy Street/US-41 in downtown Hancock is a one-way street going west.

Sunset at Hancock.
The historic Old Main building at Finlandia University.

Chapel of St. Matthew at Finlandia University.
Finlandia University's Finnish American Heritage Center.

View of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge from near Porvoo Park.
PIC Theater in Hancock.

Jim's Pizza & Family Restaurant on Quincy Street/US-41.
Houghton County Arena.

Some more of downtown Hancock.
The art deco building on Quincy Street/US-41 was built in 1939.

Hancock Bike Shop is on the north side of Quincy Street/US-41.
The Bleachers Sports Bar and Nutini's Supper Club are on Quincy Street/US-41.

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