Art Galleries, Art in the Park & Sculptures in Holland, Michigan
The Holland area has a colorful and supportive art scene. The Holland Area Arts Council on 8th Street provides educational programs for aspiring artists and has three galleries that feature art exhibitions throughout the year. Paintings, prints, sculptures, and textiles are some of the creative works that are dislayed at the art center during the year.

Art in the Park

On the first Saturday in August, Holland hosts the annual Art in the Park at Centennial Park. The event features artists and artisans from around the United States, who display and sell their works. Paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and many other creative works are available at the art fair.


Around Holland, there are many sculptures of historical figures and whimsical situations. Many can be seen on foot by walking around downtown. See the maps page for maps with the sculpture locations. Sculptures are listed below by their locations, north to south:
  • The Water Lily features a girl perched on a leaf, admiring a lily. The sculpture by Rosalind Cook is located on the northwest corner of 6th Street and Central Avenue.

  • Geertje & Cornelius honors the Dutch heritage of Holland and is located along 6th Street at Window on the Waterfront Park. The life size statues were created by Billie Houtman Clark.

  • The Valentine is of two senior citizens sharing time together. The statues were created by George Lundeen and are located at Freedom Village on Columbia Avenue.

  • The Flower Bouquet is a colorful sculpture created with scrap metal by Stuart Padnos of the Louis Padnos Iron and Metal Company. It is located not far from the train station on Lincoln Avenue, near 7th Street.

  • Zoondige-Kwe, Strong Hearted Woman represents the women of the Anishinaabe Native American tribe. The statue by Jason Quigno is on the south side of 8th Street, between Columbia and College Avenue.

  • The Pledge of Allegiance is a patriotic sculpture of children saluting the American flag. The statues by Glenda Goodacre are at the northeast corner of 8th Street and College Avenue.

  • Joy of Music by George Lundeen features three musicians and two children singing. The statue is at Alpenrose Park at the corner of 8th Street and Central Avenue.

  • Ben Franklin is a life-sized sculpture of the famous patriot with the Declaration of Independence, and you can sit next to him on a bench along River Avenue, near 8th Street. The statue was created by Mark Lundeen.

  • Scrap Metal Sculptures are located along Pine Avenue, north of 7th Street. The colorful metal sculptures were created with scrap by Stuart Padnos of the Louis Padnos Iron and Metal Company.

  • Contemplation is near the Haworth Inn on the Hope College campus on 10th Street. The statue of a woman on a bench was created by Billie Houtman Clark.

  • Secret Garden a scupture of two young girls reading a book on a bench. The statue is near the Eagle Building at the corner of 10th Street and Central Avenue.

  • Rev. Albertus Van Raalte is a statue of the founder of Holland and Hope College. The sculpture at Centennial Park faces east towards Hope College.

  • The Immigrants remembers those who came to America from the Netherlands. The statue of Dutch immigrants was a gift from the province of Drenthe, Netherlands.

  • Perro Del Sol is a colorful canine sculpture in front of the Herrick District Library.

  • Grandpa's Workbench is a sculpture of a grandfather with his grandchildren. It's located in the courtyard of Evergreen Commons Senior Center.

Holland Museum's Classic Dutch Art

Holland Museum has a gallery of 17th to 19th century Dutch paintings and decorative arts. Docents are on duty, and guided tours are available.

De Pree Art Center and Gallery

Hope College's De Pree Art Center and Gallery features art exhibits during the year. The De Pree Art Center is located at 160 East 12th Street.

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