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Houghton Area Photographs »

Houghton Area Photographs


Bridgeview Park is near downtown Houghton along the Portage Canal, providing a great view of the Portage Lift Bridge.
The Waterfront Trail goes through Bridgeview Park.

Several picnic tables are located at Bridgeview Park.
The ferry to Isle Royale National Park leaves from the area near the Dee Ice Arena.

Waterfront Park's boat slips.
Waterfront Park has great views of the Portage Canal, Portage Lift Bridge, and Hancock.

Kestner Waterfront Park's beach, which is near Houghton's RV Park.
The Waterfront Trail passes through Houghton Waterfront Park.

The bridge over Huron Creek, near the band shell at Kestner Waterfront Park.
A picnic area located at Houghton Waterfront Park.

Houghton has a boat launch for the Portage Canal at Waterfront Park, west of the bridge.
Boating on the Portage Canal.

Kestner Waterfront Park's 'Chutes and Ladders' Playground is inspired by the boardgame and is a great place for kids to play.
Paved walking path at Kestner Waterfront Park near the Portage Canal.

Picnic area at Kestner Waterfront Park.
The rules for Kestner Waterfront Park's beach.

The boardwalk and boat slip area at Houghton Waterfront Park, near the Waterfront Trail.
Rotary Pavillion at Kestner Waterfront Park.

The Miner Statue welcomes visitors to downtown Houghton. Copper mining was an important industry in Houghton's past.
NARA Nature Park is on the east side of Houghton and features trails for hiking, jogging, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing.

NARA Nature Park's River Boardwalk.
The Waterfront Trail passes through NARA Nature Park.


Paved trail along M-26, which continues past the city limits, down a steep hill, and into downtown Houghton.
More of the paved trail along M-26, with Houghton in the foreground and Hancock in the distance.

The paved path on the north side of M-26 near downtown offers a great view of Hancock. You'll want to walk your bike in this area since it's a tight turn going downhill.
Walking on the Waterfront Trail along Lakeshore Drive in Houghton.

The trail goes past Waterfront Park, a short distance from Portage Lift Bridge.
A view of Hancock from the trail next to Waterfront Park.

The Waterfront Trail goes past Bridgeview Park and Dee Stadium.
The trail next to Dee Stadium in Houghton.

Michigan Tech University's Recreational Forest has trails for mountain biking, hiking, jogging, and cross-country skiing.
Trail marker for the Birch Loop, one of the trail loops at MTU's Recreational Forest.

Part of the Birch Loop Trail.
Sign for Michigan Tech University's Recreational Forest.

The bike route on Sharon Avenue in Houghton, east of M-26. There are several hills on the bike route between M-26 and MTU's campus.
Another part of the bike route on Sharon Avenue.

The wide, paved shoulder along US-41 goes to Baraga. Obey the traffic laws and pay attention when riding next to the road.
The paved path along M-26 goes down a steep hill on the way into downtown Houghton.

The walking route in downtown Houghton (see map) goes past many historic spots.
Another view of downtown Houghton.

The walking route can take you past city hall and the historic Douglass House building, which was a popular hotel during the early 1900s.
Grace United Methodist Church is one of several historic churches in downtown Houghton.

The historic walking route offers pretty views of Hancock and downtown Houghton near the Houghton County Courthouse area.
The walking route goes past Houghton County Courthouse, which was dedicated in 1887.

Michigan Historical Markers, such as this, are approved by the Michigan Historical Commission and signify spots in Houghton that are historically significant.
You'll find markers like this along the downtown walking route and Waterfront Trail that describe important events, people and cultural changes in Houghton.

The paved trail to Houghton's waterfront passes through the NARA Nature Park.
Part of the NARA River Boardwalk.


Houghton's Chamber of Commerce has information for visitors to the Houghton area.
A view of Houghton's Portage Lake District Library and the Portage Lift Bridge.

The Houghton County Courthouse is a majestic site, overlooking downtown Houghton and the Portage Canal.
A view of Hancock's marina from Houghton.

The Quincy Mine, north of Houghton, was once the leading producer of copper in the United States. You can now tour the mine at the historic park.
Douglass House was a grand hotel during the early 1900s. It's an historic spot in downtown Houghton.

The Carnegie Museum.
Hancock is located across the Portage Canal from Houghton.

Dee Stadium is located in downtown Houghton.
The Daily Mining Gazette.

The Portage Lift Bridge at night.
A favorite spot for a tasty treat, Dairy Queen.

Portage Lake District Library.
Moon over Houghton and the Portage Canal.

Some of downtown Houghton.
On a still day, the Portage Canal acts as a mirror, offering a breathtaking view of Hancock.

Michigan Technological University is located in Houghton.
Another view of Michigan Tech's campus near US-41.

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