Maps of Parks, Trails, Historic Locations & More in Jackson, Michigan

Map of Northern Jackson - small map
  Map of Northern Jackson (Online version)

Map of Northern Jackson (PDF)

The map includes Ganson Street Park, Jeremy Johnson Memorial Diamonds, Lions Park, Optimist Park, and William J. Nixon Memorial Park. Also, Optimist Ice Arena, All Skate, restaurants, hotels and other locations are on the map.

Map of Downtown Jackson - small map
  Map of Downtown Jackson (Online version)

Map of Downtown Jackson (PDF)

Many streets around downtown Jackson feature bike lanes. Map includes Bloomfield Park, Bucky Harris Park, Ganson Street Park, Governor Austin Blair Park, and Withington Park. Many historical markers are located around Jackson and describe important people, places and events that are relevant to the Jackson area.

Map of Eastern Jackson - small map
  Map of Eastern Jackson (Online version)

Map of Eastern Jackson (PDF)

Includes Loomis Park and several bike routes. There are many stores and restaurants on the east side of Jackson, near US-127.

Map of Southern Jackson and Intercity Trail - small map
  Map of Southern Jackson and Intercity Trail (Online version)

Map of Southern Jackson and Intercity Trail (PDF)

Includes Ella Sharp Park, ML King Park, and Sparks Park. The Jackson Intercity Trail is a paved trail for biking, walking, jogging and roller-blading. The trail turns into the Falling Waters Trail on the west side of Jackson and goes to Concord. Several bike routes, which use either a bike lane or sidewalk, connect portions of Jackson.

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