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Photos of Parks, Trails, Historic Locations and More in Lansing, Michigan

Lansing Area Photographs »

Lansing Area Photographs

  Lansing Area Trails

Lansing Area Trails 0

Lansing Area Trails 1

The Lansing River Trail passes through Riverfont Park.
View of the pier on the east side of Riverfront Park.

Lansing Area Trails 2

Lansing Area Trails 3

Pedestrian bridge at Riverfront Park.
Marker at Riverfront Park that honors Joseph Warner, who was elected as Lansing's 13th mayor in 1878. Warner later traveled the world with Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Lansing Area Trails 4

Lansing Area Trails 5

Lansing River Trail bridge across Pennsylvania Avenue, near Potter Park.
Squirrel photograped at Potter Park.

Lansing Area Trails 6

Lansing Area Trails 7

Potter Park Zoo.
The paved River Trail through Potter Park.

Lansing Area Trails 8

Lansing Area Trails 9

Geese near the trail at Potter Park.
Lansing River Trail sign.

Lansing Area Trails 10

Lansing Area Trails 11

Bridge across Red Cedar River near Potter Park.
Lansing River Trail at Crego Park.

Lansing Area Trails 12

Lansing Area Trails 13

Lansing Center in downtown Lansing.
View of the railroad bridge near the Lansing River Trail.

Lansing Area Trails 14

Lansing Area Trails 15

The Lansing River Trail near I-496.
The playground at Kircher Field.

Lansing Area Trails 16

Lansing Area Trails 17

Where the trail crosses Kalamazoo Street, near Kircher Field.
Tailgating at Spartan Stadium.

Lansing Area Trails 18

Lansing Area Trails 19

A bike lane on Red Cedar Rd. through MSU's campus.
The Sparty Statue.

Lansing Area Trails 20

Lansing Area Trails 21

The MSU Union.
Bike lane on Abbott, north of the MSU campus.

  Clifford Park

Clifford Park 0

Clifford Park 1

Clifford Park has couple of tennis courts.
Clifford Park's playground.

  Crego Park

Crego Park 0

Crego Park 1

The Lansing River Trail passes through Crego Park along the Red Cedar River.
Crego Park has a kayak/canoe boarding area.

  Dietrich Park

Dietrich Park 0

Dietrich Park 1

Near the trail that passes by the parking lot is a picnic area.
At the end of the River Trail at Dietrich Park, there is a dock for boarding a canoe or kayak.

Dietrich Park 2

Dietrich Park 3

The River Trail follows along the Grand River at Dietrich Park.
The River Trail leads to many places in Lansing, like the Lansing City Market and Potter Park Zoo.

  Durant Park

Durant Park 0

Durant Park 1

Durant Park's playground.
A sunny fall day at Durant Park.

  Ferris Park

Ferris Park 0

Ferris Park 1

Ferris Park has a couple of basketball courts.
Ferris Park also has a playground and picnic area.

  Potter Park

Potter Park 0

Potter Park 1

Potter Park Zoo has many kinds of animals.
A playground at Potter Park.

Potter Park 2

Potter Park 3

The River Trail passes through Potter Park and is used for biking, walking, and jogging.
Bridge for the River Trail to Potter Park.

Potter Park 4

Potter Park 5

A picnic area at Potter Park.
A flock of geese next to the Red Cedar River.

Potter Park 6


A jogger using the River Trail at Potter Park.

  Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park 0

Riverfront Park 1

A pedestrian bridge crosses the Grand River at Riverfront Park.
A sign for Riverfront Park.

Riverfront Park 2

Riverfront Park 3

The river trail goes through Riverfront Park.
Riverfront Park has a beautiful view of the Grand River.

Riverfront Park 4

Riverfront Park 5

Riverfront Park has a deck for fishing and a canoe/kayak dock.
There is a marker honoring Lansing Mayor Joseph Warner at Riverfront Park.

  Scott Woods Park

Scott Woods Park 0

Scott Woods Park 1

Scott Woods has a nice playground.
Scott Woods Park has a paved trail that connects to the River Trail.

  Soldan Dog Park

Soldan Dog Park 0

Soldan Dog Park 1

Soldan Dog Park has a gated entrance, north of the parking lot at Hawk Island County Park.
Wide entry way for Soldan Dog Park on a winter day.

  Sycamore Park

Sycamore Park 0

Sycamore Park 1

Sycamore Park's playground.
A view of the baseball diamond at Sycamore Park.

  Washington Park

Washington Park 0

Washington Park 1

A view of the skating rink facility at Washington Park.
Washington Park's large pavillion.

Washington Park 2

Washington Park 3

The playground at Washington Park.
Washington Park has a baseball diamond at the edge of the park.

  Other Parks

Other Parks 0

Other Parks 1

Elm Park has a small playground and basketball court.
Poxson Park has a large grassy area.

Other Parks 2

Other Parks 3

Trager Park is adjacent to the Red Cedar River and offers a scenic view.
Enjoying lunch at Reutter Park.


Lansing 0

Lansing 1

A view of downtown Lansing.
Lansing's City Hall.

Lansing 2

Lansing 3

Another view of downtown Lansing.
Lansing City Market has offered fresh produce and other goods since 1909.

Lansing 4

Lansing 5

The entrance to the Cooley Gardens.
The Michigan Women's Historical Center is located adjacent to the Cooley Gardens and honors the accomplishments of women in Michigan.

Lansing 6

Lansing 7

Lansing Mall and other shopping choices can be found on West Saginaw Highway on the west side of Lansing.
Rogers-Carrier House, which is on Lansing Community College's Campus, is one of the many historic locations in downtown Lansing.

Lansing 8

Lansing 9

More of downtown Lansing.
Oldsmobile Park, home of the Lansing Lugnuts - the Class A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Lansing 10

Lansing 11

The area around the Capitol Building is magnificent during the spring.
Lansing Community College's University Center.

Lansing 12

Lansing 13

Old Town has several unique shops.
More of the Old Town neighborhood.

Lansing 14

Lansing 15

REO Motor Car Company historic marker on Washington Avenue.
Some of REO Town.

Lansing 16


The Red Cedar River passes through MSU's campus.

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