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Marshall Area Photographs »

Marshall Area Photographs


The Marshall Riverwalk is a combination of sidewalks and boardwalks.
The Marshall Riverwalk is handicap accessible, but is not open to bikes, rollerblades and skateboards.

Bridge for the Riverwalk.
Part of the Marshall Riverwalk near Monroe Street.

A covered portion of the trail near the river -- look out for the occasional cobweb during the summer.
Part of the boardwalk.


A view of the Kalamazoo River from the Marshall Riverwalk.


Brooks Memorial Fountain Park is beautiful landmark in Marshall.
The park is a great place to relax on a summer day.


Carver Park has a gentle-flowing fountain.
Summer flowers at Carver Park.

Carver Park 2


Another view of Carver Park.


Marshall Athletic Field Complex 0

Marshall Athletic Field has several ball fields and volleyball courts.
Ball field on the northwest side of the park.

Basketball hoops on the northeast side of the park.
The park is used by softball leagues.

There is bleacher seating near main fields.
Playground equipment at the Marshall Athletic Field complex.


There are volleyball courts south of the ball fields.


Ketchum Park has a large playscape, called Kids' Kingdom.
Another view of Kids' Kingdom.

Ketchum Park is an historic part of Marshall.
Skate park at Ketchum Park.

Another playground at Ketchum Park.
Walking path to the northern section of Ketchum Park.

Mill Race near Ketchum Park.
The bridge over the creek at Ketchum Park.


Picnic shelter at Ketchum Park.


Picnic shelter at Stuart's Landing.
A view of the Kalamazoo River from Stuart's Landing.

Stuart's Landing 2

Stuart's Landing has a nice band shell.
A marker near the picnic area honors Alfred Parker Stuart, a former city attorney and municipal judge.


A fishing pier at Stuart's Landing.


Downtown Marshall has several stores, museums, historical spots and more.
The U.S. Postal Service Museum has many relics related to mail delivery in Michigan.

The American Museum of Magic has a large collection of magic-related artifacts, posters and more.
The Grand Army of the Republic Historical Society preserves the history of Marshall area service men.

Honolulu House Museum is a must-see stop in Marshall. The distinctive old building has beautiful, intricate details on the inside and outside.
The Butler-Boyce House in northwest Marshall was built on land once owned by William D. Boyce, founder of the Boy Scouts of America.

Schuler's is a fine-dining destination in Marshall.
Some of downtown Marshall.

Stagecoach Inn, now a restaurant in downtown Marshall, opened its doors in 1845.
The National House Inn is an historic location that dates back to 1835.

Marshall had been a proposed location for Michigan's state capital. James Wright Gordon built the Governor's Mansion in 1839 in anticipation of Marshall's being named as the capital, but the designation never came for the city.
Floral Hall is the oldest building at the Calhoun County Fairgrounds. The Calhoun County Fair was first held in 1839.

More of downtown Marshall.
First Baptist Church is an historic church in downtown Marshall.

Open for business in downtown.
Another view of downtown Marshall.

Part of the festivities during the Historic Home Tour weekend in September.
A fly-over by some classic planes during the Historic Home Tour weekend.

The Marshall Farmers Market at the Brooks Building parking lot.
Marshall is home to the Calhoun County Fair.


There are several fast food restaurants along Michigan Avenue.

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