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Mason, Michigan Parks, Trails, Parks, Historic Locations, Attractions & More

Mason is county-seat for Ingham County and has an historic downtown area. The town's antique district on Mason Street attracts treasure hunters from all over who enjoy looking in the shops.

Recreational Trails

The Hayhoe Riverwalk is a paved walking and jogging path that stretches two miles from Howell Road to Kipp Road. The trail parallels Sycamore Creek and passes through Lee Austin Park and Maple Grove Cemetery, close to downtown Mason. The route is particularly scenic during the fall when the leaves change colors.

Rayner Park has a nature trail system that features educational markers about the trees located along the routes. The dirt trails are used for hiking and located at the south end of the park. Park at the southern-most parking lot and walk to the edge of the woods to access the trailhead.

Laylin Park's paved walking trail curves past catch-and-release fishing ponds and near the playground equipment.

Bike Routes

Using the paved road shoulders along M-36 and M-52, cyclists can ride between Mason and area communities. M-36 and M-52 do not typically have heavy vehicle traffic, but you should still obey traffic laws and stay alert when riding next to the road. It's also a good idea to bring food, water and supplies with you on a long bike trip.
  • Mason - Webberville Bike Route

    Ride 15 miles east on the wide, paved road shoulder for M-36 through Dansville. On the east side of Dansville, the shoulder narrows until you get to M-52. At M-52, turn left and ride north about 10 miles north on the wide shoulder for M-52 to Webberville. The route has scenic views of farmland and rolling hills.

  • Mason - Chelsea Bike Route

    The route is approximately 35 miles long and takes you through Dansville and Stockbridge on the way to Chelsea. You'll ride over rolling hills and past many acres of farmland.

    Between Mason and Dansville, the road shoulder is two feet or more wide. Between Dansville and M-52, the shoulder narrows and is less that a 6 inches in a few spots, which means you may need to ride closer to the outside of the road. On M-52 to Stockbridge, the road shoulder is 2-3 feet wide. Between Stockbridge and Chelsea, the shoulder is narrower, closer to 2 feet wide or less.

    You'll ride 15 miles east on the paved shoulder of M-36 through Dansville to M-52. On the east side of Dansville, the shoulder narrows until you get to M-52. At M-52, turn right. You'll continue 10 miles south on the shoulder of M-52 to Stockbridge. When you get to Stockbridge, the shoulder will go away, and you'll need to ride on the outside edge of street. In downtown Stockbridge, you need to turn right to stay on M-52. South of downtown Stockbridge, you'll need to turn left to continue on M-52. The landscape between Stockbridge and Chelsea undulates with gradual hills and features colorful farmland and old-growth trees.

Before you go, it's a good idea to check the State of Michigan's construction database to make sure there will not be any construction on the road that can interfere with your ride.

Mason Area Parks

Bond Park on Randolph Street has a nice skate park complex with concrete ramps for skateboarding and a rink for in-line skating. The park also has a baseball diamond.

Lee Austin Park is just east of downtown, on the banks of Sycamore Creek. The public park features several pieces of playground equipment and a large picnic shelter.

Catch-and-release fishing is a popular activity at Laylin Park on Maple Street. The park has two ponds with fishing piers. Nearby, there is a picnic shelter, picnic tables and a playground.

On Columbia Street, Keith L. Hayes Park includes a baseball diamond, soccer field, basketball court, and tennis courts. A playground is next to the picnic shelter. During the winter, a small hill at the center of the park can be used for sledding.

Rayner Park is the largest park in Mason and features several parking lots adjacent to the one-way drive that goes through the park. Athletic facilities include a basketball court, volleyball court, soccer fields and horseshoe pits. Several picnic tables are located around the two ponds at the front of the park, and a picnic shelter is located near the volleyball court. Restrooms are on the eastern side of the park near the drive to Ash Street.

More About Mason

Mason has many buildings and homes that date back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. Built in 1903, Ingham County Courthouse is a striking structure that towers over the town's square. Across the street, Mason First Presbyterian Church dates back to 1904. The nearby Mason Public Library was established in 1938.

Among the town's historic residences, the John Rayner House is the oldest remaining house in Mason; the farmhouse was built 1840 by pioneer John Rayner, who played a major role during Mason's infancy and founded the Rayner Opera House.

Mason's downtown area has small stores and family-owned eateries. Along Cedar Street/M-36, you will find fast-food restaurants, hardware stores, and the Mason Town Center shopping center. The Mason Antique District attracts shoppers from around the area and is located on Mason Street, south of North Street.

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