Mason Area Photographs

Start of the Hayhoe Riverwalk at Howell Road.
The Hayhoe Riverwalk follows the path of Sycamore Creek.

Bridge across Sycamore Creek near Maple Grove Cemetery.
Hayhoe Riverwalk along State Street, near Columbia Street.

Mason's Antique Shopping District.
Another photo of the Riverwalk along State Street.

Mason Public Library is an historic Ingham County location.
Downtown Mason.

Lee Austin Park.
The Hayhoe Riverwalk passes the playground at Lee Austin Park.

More of Mason's downtown area.
Hayhoe Riverwalk on south side of Ash Street.

Ingham County Courthouse is a majestic building in the center of Mason.
A great place to learn about Mason, the Mason Area Historical Museum.

Hayhoe Riverwalk at Kipp Road on south side of Mason.
Mason's oldest residence, the Rayner House.

Laylin Park has short walking paths and small fishing ponds.
Playground at Laylin Park.

Nature trail at Rayner Park.
There are markers along the nature trail in Rayner Park that describe trees along the trail.

Picnic areas at Rayner Park.
Rayner Park has a large playscape for kids.

Mason has many historic houses.
Downtown Mason is only a few miles from US-127. There are several restaurants along Cedar Street/M-36 near the US-127 off-ramp.

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