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Midland Area Photographs »

Midland Area Photographs


The Tridge is beautiful three pronged bridge that stretches over the Chippewa River and Tittabawassee River.
A section of the Tridge with the Midland County Courthouse in the distance.

A boat dock located on the edge of the Tittabawassee River near the tridge.
Another view of the boat dock near the Tridge.

Midland's Farmers Market is a popular place in the summer.
The Tittabawassee River and the boat dock near the Tridge.

The southern-pointing section of the Tridge connects to St. Charles Park, which has several baseball diamonds.
A statue named 'The Couple' looks south towards the Tittabawassee River near the Tridge.


Midland is a great place for biking. The Pere Marquette Trail starts in Midland and goes west.
The Chippewa Trail goes through St. Charles Park on the way to the Tridge.

The Pere Marquette Trail starts near the Farmers Market and the Tridge.
The intersecting trails near the Farmers Market.

The paved trail that goes past Dow Diamond.
The paved trail near the Dow Diamond area continues in the median of M-20.


The Chippewa Trail from St. Charles Park.


Central Park's colorful playground.
Ted Nicholson Band Shell.

Another photo of Central Park.
Sign for Central Park.


The Trilogy Skate Park has several concrete ramps.
Rules for the skate park are posted near the entrance.

Chippewassee Park has a very cool playscape with curvy slides.
Chippewassee Park has a large picnic shelter.

Chippewassee Park has a dog park for large dogs and a separate park for small dogs.
A view of the Tridge from Chippewassee Park.


Near the entrance to Chippewassee Park, there is a boat launch, which can be used to launch a variety of watercraft.


Chippewa Nature Center is an educational resource west of downtown Midland.
The Chippewa Trail goes from the Chippewa Nature Center to the Tridge.


Currie Stadium is located at Emerson Park.
Another view of Currie Stadium.

The Midland Horseshoe Club calls Emerson Park home.
Emerson Park has several picnic shelters, which are used for a variety of get-togethers.

One of Emerson Park's baseball diamonds.
A paved trail at Emerson Park connects to the Pere Marquette Trail.

A volleyball court is on the southwest corner of the park, near a picnic area.
A playground on the west side of the park.


Shuffleboard courts at Emerson Park.


Fournie Park is off of Patrick Road.
A playground at Fournie Park. The park also has a soccer field.


Herbert D. Doan Midland County History Center.
The Carriage House at Heritage Park.

The Pere Marquette Trail passes through Heritage Park.
Bradley Home Museum at Heritage Park.


More of the historic buildings at Heritage Park.


The Midland Soccer Complex has 30 soccer fields.
A paved trail goes between the soccer fields.

Midland Soccer Complex's concessions building, which has restrooms and picnic tables.
Sign for the Midland Soccer Club.


The entrance to Whiting Overlook Park.
A paved trail connects Whiting Overlook Park and St. Charles Park.

The trail intersects the drive into Whiting Overlook Park.
The Chippewa Trail meets the trail to Whiting Overlook Park on the west side of Poseyville Road.


Midland has bike routes along several city streets.
A sign for a bike route.

Midland Community Center.
A view of downtown Midland.

Another view of downtown Midland.
A veterans memorial is located near the Midland County Courthouse.

Midland County Courthouse is a beautiful building. It opened in 1926.
Currie Bennett Park.

Northwood University is located in Midland.
Santa's workshop is adjacent to the courthouse.

Midland Center for the Arts.
Dow Gardens has many beautiful flowers in the summer.

Dow Diamond is home to the Great Lakes Loons, Midland's minor league baseball team.
Alden B. Dow Home & Studio, the private residence of 20th century architect Alden B. Dow, can be toured.

Currie Parkway Bridge, also known as the Upper Bridge, was built 1908.
Another view of the Currie Parkway Bridge.

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