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Photographs of Muskegon State Park »

Muskegon State Park Photographs

There are bike lanes along Memorial Drive to the state park and North Muskegon.
The view from the bike route near the beach is beautiful during the summer.

Muskegon Park has one of the finest beaches in Michigan.
The long sandy beach on Lake Michigan attracts beachgoers from all over.

Lake Michigan can be a little chilly at times, but it feels great in August.
The state park has a large beach house with restrooms.

There is a walkway along the channel.
The picnic spots near the channel walkway are great for watching boats come and go on a summer day.

USS Silversides is docked on the south side of the channel and can be toured.
Muskegon South Pierhead Lighthouse is located on the south side of the channel.

Muskegon South Pierhead Lighthouse dates back to 1903 and is 53 feet tall.
A stormy day at the beach.

You'll see boats of all sizes use the channel to Lake Michigan.
Another photo of the channel between Lake Michigan and Muskegon Lake.

When Lake Michigan gets 'angry', it's an awesome (but dangerous) sight.
A paved walkway leads to the Blockhouse, which offers a scenic view of the park.

Paved walkway that is north of the Blockhouse.
The first Blockhouse was built in 1935, but was destroyed by a fire in 1962. The Blockhouse was rebuilt in 1964.

The entrance to Lake Michigan Campground.
The Winter Sports Lodge offers refuge during cold winter days.

A bike lane from North Muskegon goes to Muskegon State Park.
Michigan's Adventure, an amusement park with rollercoasters, is a short drive from the state park.

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