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North Muskegon, Michigan Parks, Trails, Tahquamenon Falls, Attractions & More

Nestled between Muskegon Lake and Bear Lake, North Muskegon offers public parks on both lakes and is less than three miles away from Lake Michigan and Muskegon State Park. The city is also the starting point for recreational routes to the state park and Muskegon.

A Plethora of Parks

Waterfront Sports Park is on the shore of Muskegon Lake and features a baseball diamond, large picnic shelter, and playground. The well-maintained park also has a boat launch, which can be used to access Muskegon Lake and Lake Michigan.

On the shore of Bear Lake, North Muskegon has a small sandy swimming beach at the end of Fleming Street. Nearby, on a bluff overlooking the lake, are two baseball diamonds and tennis courts on Moulton Street.

Further down Moulton Avenue there is a playground, small picnic shelter and basketball courts, across the street from North Muskegon Elementary School.

Custer Park overlooks Muskegon Lake and is a great spot to relax and enjoy a picnic in the park. Tall shade trees tower over the park which has a gazebo and benches that provide scenic views. Custer Park is located on Ruddiman Drive across from city hall, the library, and community center.

At Ruddiman Drive and Marquard Avenue, there is a small park that has a paved path, playground equipment, a basketball court, and a small climbing wall. The nice park also has a picnic area.

Muskegon State Park has one of the top beaches in the state. The large sandy beach on Lake Michigan has scenic views and is very popular throughout the summer. Muskegon State Park also has several hiking and skiing trails, as well as a winter sports park.

Mullally Memorial Park is the largest athletic complex near North Muskegon. The park is on Horton Road in Laketon Township and has seven baseball diamonds, two large playgrounds, tennis courts, and a small football field. A paved trail circles the baseball fields on the southern half of the park and is used regularly by walkers. Mullally Memorial Park has two picnic shelters and numerous picnic tables.

Bike Route

A bike route on Ruddiman Drive is regularly used during the summer to go to Muskegon State Park. The route features bike lanes on the edges of the road and continues through the state park past the beach to the Channel Campground.


The Lakeshore Trail starts at Muskegon Lake Nature Preserve in North Muskegon. The paved trail angles southeast towards Muskegon and then continues near Business US-31 to the west side of Muskegon. The popular trail is used for for biking, walking, jogging, and roller-blading.

Muskegon State Park also has hiking and cross-country ski trails.

More About North Muskegon

With the abundance of freshwater lakes in the area, North Muskegon is a great spot to go boating and/or fishing. Waterfront Sports Park and Muskegon State Park both have boat launches on Muskegon Lake. Bear Lake Channel, located on the north side of Muskegon Lake, can be used to reach Bear Lake. A channel on the eastern edge of Muskegon Lake can be used to access Lake Michigan.

If you like rollercoasters, Michigan's Adventure is less than 10 miles from North Muskegon. The amusement park is home to Shivering Timbers, Thunderhawk, and many other cool rides. Michigan's Adventure is open from late May to mid-September.

Muskegon Lanes has open bowling, bowling leagues, and even Xtreme Bowling. The recreation center is on Whitehall Road near Dykstra Road.

North Muskegon has several local eateries, such as Bear Lake Inn Tavern on Ruddiman Drive, Canary Inn Food & Spirits on Mills Avenue, and Hobo's Tavern on Whitehall Road. You'll find many other food options on Whitehall Road.

There are a few shops in downtown North Muskegon on Ruddiman Drive. Plumb's Valu-Rite Foods, Rite-Aid, and and a few other stores are located on Whitehall Road.

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