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Portage Area Photographs »

Portage, Michigan Area Photographs


The northern part of Portage's Trail System starts at the trailhead park that is on the southwest corner of Kilgore Road and Milham Road.
The northern trailhead has restrooms near the trail.

The trail at Millennium Park Park.
Trail north of Millennium Park Park, not far from the mall.

The trail along Romence Road at Millennium Park Park, near Sonic.
Riding on the trail along Romence Road.

The trail crossing and bike route at Oakland Drive.
The trail rolls over hills near McGillicuddy Lane.

The trailhead at McGillicuddy Lane, south of Milham Road.
The paved trail along Centre Avenue near Sprinkle Road.

Use the crosswalks to cross streets for the trail system.
Walking along the trail near the library.

The trail at Celery Flats passes a pond with a fountain.
Wildflowers near the nature trail at Celery Flats.

Portage's trail system has dotted lines to separate north and south traffic, similar to a road.
Riding on the trail along Lovers Lane.

The trail system passes a few historic locations.
Walking on the trail at Portage Creek Bicentennial Park.

Part of the Bishop's Bog Trail.
Schrier Park has trails for walking and jogging.

Part of the Jud Bushey Nature Trail at West Lake Nature Preserve.
The start of a nature trail at West Lake Nature Trail.

Walking on the paved trail along Lovers Lane.
WMU Asylum Lake Preserve has miles of hiking trails near Parkview Avenue.

Lexington Green Park has a grassy nature trail through a wooded area.
Harbors West Park has a paved trail with a few loops.


There are Portage Bikeway signs posted along streets that have bike lanes.
The Portage Bikeway has many miles of bike routes.

Riding on the paved shoulder along Oakland Drive.
Riding along Romence Road.

The bike route along Milham Road.
The portage area is excellent for cycling, either using bike routes or the paved trail system.

Where the bike lane disappears, ride on the outside of the vehicle lane.
Cyclists can ride along Westnedge Avenue.

Riding along 8th Street near Kalamazoo Valley Community College
Rolling hills along the Romence Road bike route.


The bike route at the roundabout at Millham Road and Texas Drive. You take Texas Drive to Texas Township.
The bike route along Texas Drive requires you to share the road.

On 8th Street, there is a wide shoulder for cyclists, south to W Avenue.
The 8th Street bike route passes a vineyard.

Irrigating crops along the bike route on 8th Street.
The bike route along W Avenue.

The bike route shares the road through Schoolcraft.
Schoolcraft has a nice downtown.

The bike route on W Avenue passes a cool old house outside of Schoolcraft.
The bike route along W Avenue west of Vicksburg.

The bike route shares the road in Vicksburg.
The historic Fanny Bair Library in Vicksburg.

The historic village in Vicksburg is near the bike route to Portage (via Sprinkle Road).
The bike route on Sprinkle Road uses the paved shoulder.

The bike route passes a farm along Sprinkle Road.
The bike route along Sprinkle Road near Ramona Park.


Celery Flats is a scenic park in Portage.
The Stuart Manor is a historic spot at Celery Flats.

Celery Flats is home to many historic locations, including an old schoolhouse.
The old mill at Celery Flats is the oldest commercial building in Portage.

The canoe livery at Celery Flats is a short walk from the parking area.
Another view of the canoe launch at Celery Flats. You'll paddle north on Portage Creek to Portage Creek Bicentennial Park.

The canoe livery at Celery Flats is near the trail, and you can rent a canoe at the livery.
The Milham Road Boat Landing is the end of the paddle route on Portage Creek.

Portage Central Park has a nice playscape and picnic shelter.
Donald Overlander Bandshell is at Central Park.

Portage Creek Bicentennial Park has a small picnic shelter.
Bicentennial Park has an unpaved nature trail through the woods.

Wildflowers near the nature trail at Bicentennial Park.
Bicentennial Park is a good spot to access Portage's trail syste

Haverhill Park has basketball hoops and tennis courts.
Haverhill Park has access to the Portage Trail System.

Haverhill Park has a nice playground.
Restrooms are near the trail at Haverhill Park.

Soccer field at Ramona Park.
Playground and shelter at Ramona Park.

Ramona Park has a few football fields.
Ramona Park has a playground near the beach.

The beach at Ramona Park is great place to cool off.
Ramona Park has a fishing pier on Long Lake.

A shelter and picnic tables are close to the beach.
The bath house at Ramona Park is close to the beach.

Picnic shelter and playground at Lexington Green Park.
The pond at Millennium Park Park.

There are restrooms near the trail at Millennium Park Park.
Monuments at Veterans Memorial Park.

A paved trail winds through Veterans Memorial Park.
Schrier Park has a building for gatherings.

Schrier Park has trails for walking and jogging.
Playground at West Lake Nature Preserve.

West Lake Nature Preserve has nature trails for hiking.
Boardwalk to an observation area at the nature preserve.

Observation area at the nature preserve.
View from an observation at West Lake Nature Preserve.

The shelter and restrooms at West Lake Nature Preserve.
South Westnedge Park has a nice inline hockey rink.

South Westnedge Park has a nice skate park.
South Westnedge Park has several ball diamonds.

Westfield Park has a playscape and nearby picnic tables.
Westfield Park has a picnic shelter.

A full court and two half courts for basketball at Westfield Park.
Play beach volleyball at Westfield Park.

Launching a boat on Austin Lake at the DNR access site.
Lakeview Park has a covered fishing pier on Austin Lake.

Lakeview Park has shelters for family gatherings.
The second fishing pier at Lakeview Park on Austin Lake.

Inline hockey rink at Harbors West Park.
Picnic shelter and playground at Harbors West Park.

Oakland Drive Park has a court and half courts for basketball.
Oakland Drive Park has nice tennis courts.


Portage District Library.
The Air Zoo is a great place to learn about aviation.

Portage City Hall.
Portage Central High School.

The Portage area has a few beautiful lakes, like Austin Lake.
Dairy Queen is on Centre Avenue.

Prince of Peach Lutheran Church in Portage.
Ritter's Frozen Custard on Romence Road.

A fire station in Portage.
There are many restaurants and stores along Westnedge Avenue.

Enjoying a summer day on Long Lake.
Portage Creek winds its way through the town.

Crossroads Mall is a shopping destination on Westnedge Avenue.
First Reformed Church of Portage.

Western Michigan University and Waldo Stadium are not far from Portage.
Meijer on Westnedge Avenue in Portage.

Jetskiing on Austin Lake.
Sonic is a great place to eat on Romence Road.


Kalamazoo Valley Community College is located near Portage.

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