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Portland Area Photographs »

Photographs of Parks, Trails and Other Locations in Portland


The Portland Rivertrail is trail used for biking, walking, and jogging.
Portland Rivertrail at William Toan Park.

Portland Rivertrail on the east side of the Grand River near downtown.
Rules for using the Portland Rivertrail.

Portland Rivertrail along Water Street and the Grand River.
The historic Bridge Street Bridge was built in 1890 and has a pedestrian path that connects to the Riverwalk.

Biking on the Portland Rivertrail near Cutler Road.
Portland Rivertrail crosses the Grand River near I-96.

Trail segment near Oakwood Elementary.
A segment of the Portland Rivertrail ends south of Oakwood Elementary.

Portland Rivertrail crosses Kent Street at the city limits.
Portland Rivertrail distances sign at Thompson Field.


Picnic shelter at Bogue Flats Recreation Area.
Riverwalk access at Bogue Flats Recreation Area.

Softball practice at Bogue Flats Recreation Area.
Field #3 at Bogue Flats Recreation Area.

A volleyball court at the rec area.
The Ionia County Blue Ribbon Riders use the area at the back of the recreation area.


Another view of the Portland Rivertrail at Bogue Flats Recreation Area.


Community Lake Park is located along the Looking Glass River.
Sign for Community Lake Park.

Picnic shelter at the park.
Part of the playground at Community Lake Park.

Another view of the picnic shelter near the playground at Community Lake Park.
A second shelter is located along the drive for Community Lake Park.


The Portland Rivertrail access location at Community Lake Park.


Alton Park has a playground for younger kids.
Basketball courts are at the back of Alton Park.


Joe Tichvon Park has a picnic shelter.
Basketball hoop and playground at Joe Tichvon Park.


A baseball diamond is located at Powers Playground.
A marker near the backstop recognizes Dr. Lunette Powers whose family donated the land for the park.


The Portland Rivertrail passes past the playground at William Toan Park.
The Grand River is located next to the park.

The Bridge Street Bridge is an historic structure next to the park.
Biking past the gazebo at William Toan Park.


Another view of William Toan Park.


Thompson Field is a complex of three small ball diamonds.
Field #3 at Thompson Field.

Another ball diamond at Thompson Field.
At Thompson Field, there's a sculpture of Verlen Kruger, a well-known canoeing enthusiast.

A kayak/canoe launch is near the Verlen Kruger sculpture.
A picnic shelter at Thompson Field.


Two Rivers Park is accessible from the Portland Rivertrail.
Another view of Two Rivers Park.


The Bridge Street Bridge dates back to 1890.
Some of downtown Portland.

Portland's Public Library.
Outside of Portland there are many family farms.

Frosty Boy Ice Cream offers cool treats in the summer.
Portland Co-Operative.

The Grand River flows through Portland.
St. Andrew Lutheran Church is near the exit for I-96.

Chocolate Moose in downtown has good ice cream.
More of downtown Portland.

St. Patrick Catholic Church in Portland.
Duke's Canoe Club Waterfront Grille.

Cyclists can ride on the shoulder of Grand River Avenue.
Historic bridge that dates back to 1890 in Portland.

Churches on Bridge Street in Portland.
First Congregational Church.


The bike route along Grand River Avenue passes Powers Playgro

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