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Rockford Area Parks, Trails & Other Information

Rockford's charming downtown area features several public parks and paved trails, including a section of the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail.

Rockford Trails & Bike Routes

Rum Creek Nature Trail is a short trail that goes from Northland Drive to Monroe Street. The paved trail also links loops through Memorial Park. Parking is available at Memorial Park and off Monroe Street. The eastern edge of the trail is located near a bike route along Northland Drive.

Fred Meijer White Pine Trail, which starts eight miles away in Comstock Park, travels northeast to Rockford, crossing the Rogue River before going north through downtown Rockford. The wide, paved trail passes the Rockford Historical Musuem and is only a short distance from businesses and restaurants in downtown Rockford. From Rockford, the trail goes 7 miles to Cedar Springs and then on to Big Rapids, Reed City and Cadillac. The White Pine Trail is used for biking, hiking, and jogging. Snowmobiling is allowed on the trail north of the Russell Road Staging area, which is about three miles north of downtown Rockford.

The Rogue River Nature Trail is a scenic route for walking and jogging. The path starts near the White Pine Trail's bridge over the Rogue River and then winds south along the Rogue River. There are several tables located along the paved trail, which ends at a scenic overlook.

Rockford Parks

Dam Overlook Park and Peppler Park in downtown Rockford are excllent places to eat lunch and relax while enjoying a scenic view of the two dams on the Rogue River. The sister parks are connected by a trail that spans the Rogue River.

Pickett Park and Richardson-Sowesby Park are adjacent to the White Pine Trail and feature playground equipment and picnic facilities. Richardson-Sowesby Park has a scenic view of the Rogue River, as well as a large picnic shelter and restrooms.

Memorial Park includes a baseball diamond and a large playground. The Rum Creek Nature Trail is located at the park. Next to the park, the Rockford Community Cabin is used for family get-togethers, Lions Club meetings, company picnics, and other events. The cabin features a kitchen, restrooms, and a capacity of 80 people.


The Rogue River, which runs through Rockford, is a very popular place to fish for rainbow trout, brown trout, and steelhead. The section north of the Rockford dam is known for trout and is popular between late April and September. The lower section of the Rogue River, south of the dam, is known for steelhead, especially between March and May.

A valid fishing license is required to fish on Michigan lakes and waterways. You can get a license online at the Michigan DNR E-License web site and at bait shops and sporting goods stores.

Downtown Rockford

There are several places to eat in downtown, including the tasty Red's on the River, Sam's Joint, The Corner, and Arnie's Old Mill Restaurant, which was established in 1972. Rocky's is a favorite spot for ice cream. Clothing boutiques, unique shops, and sporting goods stores can also be found in downtown Rockford.

View photos of Richardson-Sowersby Park, Peppler Park, Memorial Park, Pickett Park, Rockford, and more.


Rockford Area Map
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