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Saline, Michigan Parks, Trails, Parks, Historic Locations, Attractions & More

Saline is a charming town with many well-maintained old homes that date back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. The community has several nice parks and recreational trails for outdoor enjoyment.

Recreational Trails

The Max Adler Trail is a dirt trail at the back of Curtiss Park. The trail winds through a wooded area, where you can see wildflowers during the spring and summer. The trail is less than a mile long and is colorful in the fall when the leaves have changed colors.

The Depot Trail is about a quarter of a mile long and has a crushed limestone/dirt surface. The short trail starts at the Depot Museum and goes east to Harris Street.

Tefft Park has a dirt trail and a paved fitness trail that leads to a paved trail along Lohr Road. You can get a map of the Lohr Road Trail in the Pittsfield Township Trails section.

Wilderness Park has a nature trail system that has a dirt/grass surface. The tree-lined trail loops through the woods. The entire trail is over a mile long.

Henne Park has a paved trail that loops around baseball fields.

You can see much of Saline using the city's sidewalks. You can walk nearly three miles using the sidewalks along Ann Arbor Street, Michigan Avenue/US-12, Maple Street and Woodland Drive.

Bike Routes

Using bike lanes and the edges of city streets, cyclists can bike around Saline. You can do a loop on the south side of town using Ann Arbor Street, Henry Street, Old Creek, and Willis Road.

Cyclist can ride between Saline and Clinton using the paved shoulders along Michigan Avenue/US-12. The route is 12 miles one way and features views of rolling farmland. Traffic on the road can be moderately heavy at times.

Using the paved shoulders/bikelanes along Maple Street, Maple Road, Ellsworth Road, and Platt Road, you can ride from Saline through Pittsfield Township to Ann Arbor. The route along along Maple Road has several rolling hills, while Ellsworth Road a few hills. See the Pittsfield Township Trails section for a map. Always use caution and stay alert when riding along the edge of a road.

Before you go, it's a good idea to check the State of Michigan's construction database to make sure there will not be any construction on the road that can interfere with your ride.

Saline Area Parks

Brecon Park is a long, narrow park that has a baseball diamond, basketball court and playground. A sledding hill is in the center of the park and offers fun in the winter.

Canterbury Park is on the north side of Willis Road. The long park features several picnic tables and playground equipment.

Curtiss Park is on the southwest side of Saline. The quaint park has a baseball diamond, tennis court, picnic shelter, and playgrounds. The Saline River winds through the park, which is a relaxing spot to have a picnic. The Max Adler Trail is at the back of the park.

Henne Park has two ball diamonds with a short paved trail.

Marlpool Park is a small park on Marlpool Drive. The park has a picnic table and a small playscape.

Mill Pond Park is a popular place for family gatherings during the summer. The park has two picnic shelters and a huge wooden playscape the looks like an old fort. A dog park is located about 100 yards from the parking lot; the fenced in area near the pond provides pooches with a place to play. The park's pond is a nice spot for catch-and-release fishing.

Peoples Park is between Ann Arbor Street and Monroe Street. The park has a small ball diamond, a basketball court, and two tennis courts.

Risdon Park is a small square park on Ann Arbor Street that has a picnic tables.

Tefft Park is a sports haven in Saline. The park has four ball diamonds, tennis courts, volleyball courts, a disc golf course, and a soccer field. The park also has playgrounds and picnic areas. The Saline Recreation Building is located on the west side of the park, off Woodland Drive.

Wilderness Park is on the south side of Willis Road. The heavily wooded park has a couple of picnic tables and nature trails.

Historic Locations & Museums

The Saline Area Historical Society operates two museums in town, Saline Railroad Depot Museum and Rentschler Farm Museum. Both locations are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Rentschler Farm Museum is on Michigan Avenue/US-12, and you can visit it May through early December. The farm house was built in 1901, and the property includes 11 outbuildings. Four generations of Rentschlers lived and worked on on the property between 1901-1998.

The Depot Museum is the city's old train station at 402 N. Ann Arbor Street. Adjacent to the depot is an old red caboose and a livery barn. The museum is open year round on Saturdays and features exhibits and information about the old railroad depot and Saline.

Saline has a couple of Michigan Historical Markers that describe places and people from the town's past. The green markers are located at Saline Presbyterian Church and the Davenport House, which are both located on Michigan Avenue/US-12. Saline Presbyterian Church was designed by Detroit architects Frederick Spier and William Rohns and was built in 1898. The Davenport House was built in 1875 and was once the residence of William H. Davenport, a prominent business man in Saline.

Around downtown, you'll find several rectangular plaques that describe historic structures, such as the Citizens Bank Building, the Union Block, and the Wallace Block. A marker near the fire station describes the history of the town's old fire bell, which had been installed in the Wallace Block in 1887.

Historic districts along Ann Arbor Street and Henry Street include many beautiful old homes that date back to the late 1800s and early 1900s.

More About Saline

The Saline Farmers Market is a great place to get local produce, flowers and other items. From May through October, it's held in a parking lot off Ann Arbor Street, near Michigan Avenue/US-12, in dowtown on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. On Tuesdays (June through September), it's held at Saline District Library from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Saline's downtown area has small stores and family-owned eateries. Along Michigan Avenue/US-12, you will find fast-food restaurants, hardware stores, pharmacies, and grocery stores. Restaurants include Dairy Queen, Mickey's Dairy Twist, McDonald's, Domino's Pizza, Wendy's, Subway, and KFC/Taco Bell.

Pictures of historic locations, parks, trails and more in Saline.


Saline Area Map
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