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Sebewaing, Michigan Parks, Trails, Restaurants, Attractions & More

Sebewaing is located on the eastern shore of Saginaw Bay in sugar beet country. During the late fall, you'll find truckloads of sugar beats on their way to the community, where the Michigan Sugar Company will turn the beets into pure, sweet sugar.


The Sebewaing area is known as a good spot for walleye fishing. Each year, the Sebewaing Sportsmen Club sponsors a walleye tournament in the area, and the Saginaw Bay and Sebewaing River attract fishermen from all over. The Sebewaing River flows through the downtown area, and the Saginaw Bay is the west of downtown. Fishermen like to cast their lines near the mouth of the Sebewaing River on the Saginaw Bay in the spring, when walleye return to the bay after spawning.

The Saginaw Bay is also known as a spot to catch perch and bass, and for anglers who like to fish from a boat, Sebewaing provides nice launch facilities on the river at Sebewaing Harbor Marina.

Public Parks & Marina

Sebewaing Village Park is the a large recreation area, located on Third Street. It features three baseball diamonds, basketball courts, tennis courts, and two picnic shelters. The park has a nice, large playscape and a small playground for kids. Near the basketball courts, there is a rink that can be used for ice skating during the winter.

In downtown Sebewaing, Muellerweiss Park is a small, triangle-shaped park that features several benches and a fishing pier overlooking the Sebewaing River. During the summer, the park hosts concerts and activities related to the Farmers Market on Center Street. Restrooms are located on the northwest corner of the park.

On the western edge of Sebewaing, at the mouth of the Sebewaing River, Sebewaing Harbor Marina has become a popular destination for boaters. The marina provides easy access to Saginaw Bay and has four boat ramps and a large parking lot.

M-25 Bike Route

Cyclists can enjoy a lengthy ride in Michigan's Thumb Region by using the wide, paved shoulders along M-25. The bike route goes from Unionville to Sebewaing, Caseville, Port Austin, Port Hope, Harbor Beach, Forestville, and Port Sanilac, then ending in Lexington. Through Sebewaing and other communities, you will need to ride on the outer edges of the road where there no shoulder is present. The entire route is approximately 112 miles, one way. Sleeper State Park, Port Crescent Park, and several county parks are located along the bike route.

By starting in Sebewaing, you can either go west towards Unionville, which is 8 miles away, or go east to Port Austin (38 miles), Harbor Beach (63 miles), or Lexington (104 miles).

Views of Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron can be seen in a several spots along the way, with the longest periods of waterfront views between Caseville and Port Crescent State Park. Farmland, wooded areas, and residential areas are located along the way.

Depending on the time of day and year, M-25 can be busy, but it generally has moderate traffic. You'll experience greater traffic when riding through the villages and communities than you will along the stretches between towns. Use caution and stay alert when riding on the shoulder of M-25.

Before you go, it's a good idea to check the State of Michigan's construction database to make sure there will not be any construction on the road that can interfere with your ride.

Sebewaing Harbor Bike Route

Along Sebewaing Street in downtown, there is a bike route that leads from Center Street to Sebewaing Harbor and Marina. The bike route is a little over half of a mile long and is also used by pedestrians.

Historic Locations

Sebewaing is the oldest village in Huron County and was incorporated in 1853. Several historic sites that date back to the 1800s remain in Sebewaing. The old Township Hall on Center Street was built in 1877. The original Sebewaing Fire Station is located near downtown on Union Street and was built in 1883 for $620.

Historic homes in the village include the Charles W. Liken House, the John C. Martini House, and the Rev. Hahn House, which were built in the late 1800s.

Sebewaing has a few Michigan historical markers in locations that are considered significant by the Michigan Historical Commission. The locations include the old Township Hall, John C. Martini House and the old Indian Mission.


Charles W. Liken Museum is an old home that was built in the late 1800s. The museum at 325 North Center Street is open on weekends between June and October and during the Sugar Festival.

Luckhard Museum, the Indian Mission Museum, is located at 590 East Bay Road. The historic building was built to teach American Indians in 1845. The museum is open on Sundays from 2-4 p.m. from June through September. It is also open during the Sugar Festival. For more information, call (989) 883-2539.

Township Hall Museum is on Center Street in the former township hall that was built in 1877. The museum is open on Saturday and Sunday afternoons between June and October and during the Sugar Festival.

More About Sebewaing

Sebewaing hosts the annual Michigan Sugar Festival in mid-June. The festivities include music, entertainment, children's activities, a parade and more.

For racing fans, Sebewaing's MPX race course features motocross races from late April through late September. The course also offers motocross classes for kids and adults.

The downtown area of Sebewaing features local businesses and government offices. On M-25, there are a few restaurants and a shopping center that includes a grocery store.

View photos of Sebewaing, its marina, parks, downtown, and more.


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