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South Haven Area Photographs »

South Haven Area Photographs


There is a parking lot for South Beach at the end of Erie Street.
You can also use the walking route along Phoenix and Water Streets to reach South Beach.

Along the walking route to South Beach, there are a few fishing piers for the Black River.
You'll also find picnic tables overlooking the Black River along the sidewalk route to the beach.

Walking from the South Haven Marina area to the lighthouse is a popular activity for visitors.
It is not recommended, but kids often like to jump from the lighthouse pier into the lake.

On a summer day, South Beach is a popular place.
The south pier is a great spot for watching boats enter and leave the Black River.

Parasurfing is popular in South Haven.
Walking along South Beach on an early fall day.

Another view of a fishing pier along the walking route to South Beach.
Along the walking route to the beach, a short distance from Lake Michigan, there is a picnic shelter and restrooms.

View of South Beach near the lighthouse pier.
South Beach on a Saturday in July.


North Beach is very popular during the summer.
The pier on the north side of the Black River is also a great spot for watching boats and catching a glimpse of the lighthouse.

A view of the lighthouse from North Beach.
North Beach has a playground a short distance from the parking area.

Relaxing at North Beach on a fall day.
A concession area that sells ice cream is located at North Beach.

A view of North Beach from the lighthouse pier.
The walking route along the Black River on the north side of the river.


Part of the playground equipment at Elkenburg Park.
Elkenburg park also has a basketball court and picnic area.


Sign for Stanley Johnston Park.
Part of the walking path at Stanley Johnston Park.

One of the shelters at Stanley Johnston Park.
An historical marker on the north side of the park honors Stanley Johnston's development of Haven peachs.

Playground at Stanley Johnston Park.
Another shelter at the park.


There are several parking spaces along JR Monroe Blvd. near a couple of stairways to North Beach. You can use the stairs and walk to North Beach.
One of the stairways along JR Monroe Blvd.


A view of Lake Michigan and part of North Beach from the grassy area along JR Monroe Blvd. near Van Buren Street.


Baseball diamond at Monroe Playground.
Kid's Corner at Monroe Playground has a nice playscape.


A picnic area on a deck at Packard Park has a great view of Lake Michigan.
Sign for Packard Park.

Picnic table and play area at Packard Park.
Walkway to the beach at Packard Park.


≈ has a building with restrooms and picnic areas.
Northside Municipal Marina is another public marina on the Black River.

Boats use the Black River to access Lake Michigan.
A view of the boat slips at Southside Municipal Marina on a fall day.

The walking route from downtown passes the South Haven Riverfront sign and the marina area.
There is a paved path close to the Black River near the marina.

Kayaking on the Black River to Lake Michigan.
Fishing near the marina area.

The picnic area in front of the building at Southside Municipal Marina.
Another view of the picnic area at Southside Municipal Marina.


The tall ship Friends Good Will calls South Haven home. You can purchase tickets to ride the boat at the Michigan Maritime Museum.


Downtown South Haven.
Sidewalk shopping in South Haven.

The farmers market in South Haven is behind the library.
South Haven Memorial Library.

The Michigan Maritime Museum.
Horse-drawn carriage in South Haven.

Biking across the drawbridge over the Black River.
Inn at the Park Bed and Breakfast.

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