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Ypsilanti Area Photographs »

Ypsilanti Area Photos


Biking on the paved trail near St. Joseph Mercy Hospital.
The trail along Huron River Drive is part of the Border to Border Trail which goes to parts of Ann Arbor.

The paved trail along Michigan Avenue in Ypsilanti can be used for biking, walking and jogging.
The paved trail along Michigan Avenue turns at Ellsworth Road.

The bike trail on the east side of Hewitt Road.
Another view of the paved trail on Hewitt Road.

Hewitt Road has some hilly terrain.
The bike route on Packard Road uses the sidewalks on both sides of the road.

The bike route on Packard continues into Ann Arbor.
The bike lane on Whittaker Road in Ypsilanti passes Kroger and the Post Office.

Another photo of the Bike lane on Whittaker Road.
Using the paved trail along Bemis Road in Ypsilanti Township.

Barn near trail on Merritt Road.
Trail along Hitchingham in Ypsilanti Township.


Ford Heritage Park has a very nice playground.
Sign for Ford Heritage Park.

Part of the trail through Ford Heritage Park.
Another photo of Ford Heritage Park.


Some of the playground for Ford Lake Park.
Ford Lake Park has a nice boat launch facility.

More of the playground at Ford Lake Park.
Basketball court at Ford Lake Park.


Sign for Ford Lake Park.


Soccer field at the center of the track at Frog Island Park.
Another part of a trail at Frog Island Park.

A bridge connects Frog Island Park and Riverside Park.
The Huron River at Frog Island Park.


Sign for Hewens Creek Park.
The trails at Hewens Creek Park are used by mountain bikes.


Lakeside Park has a very nice playground.
Another view of Lakeside Park.


North Bay Park is a beautiful park on Ford Lake.
A boardwalk connects to some bridges and islands to for a circular trail.

Where the boardwalk connects to the trail to the front of the park.
An exercise station at North Bay Park.

A shelter and playground at North Bay Park.
The trail near the shelter leads to the boardwalk at Ford Lake.

A woodchuck at North Bay Park.
Near sunset at North Bay Park.


Riverside Park is a beutiful park near downtown Ypsilanti on the Huron River.
Sign for Riverside Park.

Riverside Park has a trail used for walking and jogging.
Pier and canoe/kayak launch at Riverside Park.

The Depot Town part of Ypsilanti is near Riverside Park.
Kayaking on the Huron River near Riverside Park.


Ypsilanti Historical Museum.
Many restaurants, stores, and businesses are located along Washtenaw Avenue in Ypsilanti.

Eastern Michigan University is located in Ypsilanti.
Downtown Ypsilanti during the holidays.

Entering downtown Ypsilanti on Huron Street.
Several restaurants and night spots are in downtown Ypsilanti

Several old houses are located near downtown Ypsilanti.
The Michigan Firehouse Museum is located in Ypsilanti and includes an old fire station.

Downtown Ypsilanti at night following a rain shower.
The Depot Town area of Ypsilanti has many restaurants and unique shops.

The Freighthouse hosts the Ypsilanti Farmer's Market and is located in Depot Town.
An historical marker at the Freighthouse, which is an old railroad depot.

Clock located near the center of Depot Town.
Several historic churches are located near downtown.

Beautiful old buiding on Huron Street.
Ann Arbor Transporation Authority bus station in downtown Ypsilanti.

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