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Baw Beese Trail Map and Information

The Baw Beese Trail is a recreational path that connects Hillsdale and Jonesville in Southern Michigan. The trail winds through Hillsdale and ends at Sandy Beach Park, near Baw Beese Lake. The entire trail is almost eight miles long and is used for jogging, walking, biking, and roller-blading.

The northern part of the trail follows along M-99 from Jonesville. When it gets close to the Wendy's on M-99, the trail takes a turn to the east and crosses some railroad tracks. Cyclists will need to walk their bikes across the tracks. From there, the Baw Beese Trail meanders south through Hillsdale to West Street. The route then uses the sidewalks along West Street and Monroe Street before becoming an asphalt trail again. It splits at Union Street, with one section going to Logan Street and the other section continuing southwest to Sandy Beach Park.

The trail is accessible from Waterworks Park, Owen Memorial Park, and Sandy Beach Park. Parking is available at all three parks for the trail. Another parking area for the trail is located at Barnard Road, near Griswold Street in Hillsdale.

Near Jonesville, a roadside park, called Bicycle Park, is adjacent to the trail. It has picnic tables, where trail users can rest and relax.

Shopping and food can be found near parts of the trail. Walmart is located east of the trail along M-99. Wendy's and Arby's aren't far from the trail along M-99, but they are not directly available from the trail. In downtown Hillsdale, the trail is not far from the downtown shopping district along Hillsdale Street. In Jonesville, the trail ends at US-12, near McDonald's and The Udder Side ice cream shop. Subway is located near the trail in Jonesville, south of the intersection of M-99 and US-12.

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