Photos of the Baw Beese Trail & More

Biking on the Baw Beese Trail.
The trail south of Fayette Street.

Cyclists need to walk their bikes across railroad tracks.
The trail on the north side of Hillsdale.

Trail crossing for Baw Beese Trail.
Part of the trail near downtown Hillsdale.

Trail near Griswold Street.
The trail south of Barnard Street.

Having fun on Baw Beese Lake.
The beach at Sandy Beach Park.

Some of downtown Hillsdale
Hillsdale Community Library.

More of downtown Hillsdale.
The historic St. Anthony's Church in downtown Hillsdale.

The Bicycle Park along M-99 has picnic tables.
The trail at the Jonesville city limits.

The trail along M-99 at Gaige Street.
Old churches near downtown Jonesville.

Jonesville has a nice downtown area.
US-12 in Jonesville near the intersection with M-99.

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