Betsie Valley Trail Map and Information
The Betsie Valley Trail is a multi-city trail in the northwest Lower Peninsula, connecting Frankfort, Elberta, Beulah, Benzonia, and Thompsonville. Primarily used for mountain biking and hiking, the trail is used for snowmobiling from Beulah to Thompsonville.

The trail is approximately 22 miles long and mostly unpaved with an aggregate surface. The most popular segment during the summer is the Frankfort-Elberta-Beulah route, which is approximately 8 miles. From Beulah to Benzonia, it's approximately 1 mile. From Benzonia to Thompsonville, it's approximately 13 miles.

Near The Trail

There a several restaurant and lodging choices in and around Frankfort, Beulah, and Benzonia. Frankfort and Elberta have sandy swimming beaches on Lake Michigan, and Beulah has nice beach on Crystal Lake. Thompsonville is near the Crystal Mountain Resort, which has picturesque golf courses and challenging downhill ski hills.

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