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Bridge to Bay Trail and Area Bike Routes

Between New Baltimore and Port Huron, the Bridge to Bay Trail and several bike routes can be used for outdoor excursions in Southeast Michigan. The bike routes provide the greatest amount of scenic views along Anchor Bay and the St. Clair River, but the Border to Border Trail segment south of Marysville offers some amazing views of the St. Clair River, passing boats and the Canadian shoreline.

Bridge to Bay Paved Trail

The Bridge to Bay Paved Trail can be used for biking, walking and jogging. The trail segments are asphalt and are 8-10 feet wide. The paved portions of the Bridge to Bay Trail connect several communities along the St. Clair River, including Marysville to Port Huron and St. Clair to Marine City.
  • The southern trail section connects Algonac and Algonac State Park. The paved trail is well used by campers and visitors to the state park.

  • The longest paved trail segment goes from the edge southwest corner of Marine City to north of St. Clair. The trail passes several parks and schools and jogs through residential areas. The Marine City-St. Clair paved trail is over 10 miles long.

  • In Marysville, a very scenic part of the trail passes through Marysville Riverfront Park and goes along River Road, next to the St. Clair River. It's a great trail for casual walks to enjoy the beautiful view. You'll often see large freighters and pleasure boats cruising down the river.

    At Marysville City Park, a paved trail goes north through the park to River Road, near the intersection with M-29.

  • Another lengthy segment of the trail stretches from Marysville and to the southern edge of Port Huron. The trail follows Gratiot Boulevard and then goes along M-29. The segment is almost 5 miles long and is frequently used for walking, jogging and biking.

Bike Routes

Cyclists can use the paved shoulder and outside edge of M-29 to ride between New Baltimore, Algonac and Marine City and between East China Township and Marysville.

Stay alert and obey traffic laws when riding on the shoulder or on the edge of the road. Before you go, it's a good idea to check the State of Michigan's construction database to make sure there will not be any construction on the road that can interfere with your ride.
  • New Baltimore - Algonac - Marine City Bike Route

    Starting at the intersection of Washington Street and M-29 in New Baltimore, you can ride on the paved shoulder along M-29. You'll ride through Ira Township, Anchorville, The Colony, Point Aux Tremble, Algonac, Roberts Landing and end up in Marine City. The route has period views of Anchor Bay and Bouvier Bay, and you'll see the Colony Tower along the way to Algonac. The paved shoulder ends at the edge or Algonac, and you'll need to ride on the outside edge of M-29 until the shoulder shows up again before Algonac State Park. Algonac City Park is a very nice park in downtown with places to rest and enjoy the riverfront. The area of M-29 near Algonac State Park has beautiful views of the St. Clair River. You can ride on the paved shoulder to just south of Marine City and then ride on the edge of M-29 when the shoulder disappears. When you get to Charier Avenue, you can either go left to reach the Bridge to Bay paved trail that goes to St. Clair or go right to Belle River Avenue and downtown Marine City.

    New Baltimore to Algonac: 13.9 miles
    Algonac to Marine City: 8 miles
    Total Distance: 21.9 miles

  • East China Township - St. Clair - Marysville Bike Route

    Starting in East China Township, you'll ride from Recor Road along the paved shoulder on M-29 to the edge of St. Clair. You'll need to ride on the outside edge of M-29 through St. Clair. Palmer Park in downtown St. Clair is a great spot to relax by the St. Clair River. Once you get outside of St. Clair, the paved shoulder will reappear and continue through Marysville. There is a very scenic bike route near Marysville Riverfront Park (note: part of River Road is one-way headed south, a short distance south of Riverfront Park). The East China Township - Marysville Bike Route is approximately 12 miles long.

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