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Photos of the Clinton River Trail & More


A single track for biking on the Clinton River Trail, west of Bagley Street.
A wide sidewalk is located along Bagley Street. It is designated as a bike route and can be used in combination with other sidewalks to reach the Clinton River Trail at Opdyke Road.

On Bagley Street, the Newman African Methodist Episcopal Church features an historic marker.
A trail spur goes east from Bagley Street toward downtown Pontiac.

Bike route on the sidewalk along Orchard Lake Road in Pontiac.
Riding on the trail spur in Pontiac.

The historic St. Vincent de Paul Church is located near the trail.
The paved path along Opdyke Road leads to the trail parking area for the Clinton River Trail.

Rules for the trail posted in Auburn Hills at the Opdyke trailhead.
A map near the trail lets you know where you are along the Clinton River Trail.

Walking on the paved section in Auburn Hills.
Another view of the paved path along Opdyke Road.

Clinton River Trail crossing at Avon Road.
The Clinton River Trail north of Avon Road.

The parking area along Second Street in Rochester.
Taking a dog for a walk on the trail.

Jogging near the parking area on Second Street.
Going for a walk on the Clinton River Trail.

The Clinton River Trail and Macomb Orchard Trail connect at Dequindre.
The Clinton River Trail near Livernois Road.

Riding on the Clinton River Trail in Auburn Hills.
The trail near Adams Road.

A paved paths passes in front of the Adams Road trailhead for the Clinton River Trail.
A portapot is located at the Adams Road trailhead.

Sylvan Manor Park serves as a trailhead for the Clinton River Trail and the West Bloomfield Trail.
The West Bloomfield Trail near Sylvan Manor Park, which is on the north side of Woodrow Wilson Boulevard.


Orchard Lake Road can be very busy where the Clinton River Trail is located. It's a good idea to take the path/sidewalk along Orchard Lake Road to a nearby stoplight to cross to the other side of the road to access the trail.


The paved path along Squirrel Road near I-75.
The paved path along Squirrel Road goes past Oakland University.

Paved path near the Auburn Hills Skate Park.
The paved path along Featherstone Road passes Chrysler.

Walking on a paved path along Tienken Road.
The path along Tienken Road connects to the Paint Creek Trail.

Jogging on the path along Adams Road.
Walking on the path along Livernois Road near Avon Road.

Rochester College is located near the path along Avon Road.
Rochester has a nice downtown area.

Biking on the path along Brewster Road.
Hamlin Road has a lengthy paved path.

The path along Rochester Road leads to downtown Rochester.
Biking near the Paint Creek Tavern in downtown Rochester.

Yates Cider Mill is a popular place in the fall near Rochester.
Jogging on the sidewalk near Parkdale Avenue.

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