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Photographs of the Bike Route, Dixboro, Plymouth & More »

Photos of the Dixboro - Plymouth Bike Route & More

Dixboro General Store.
Dixboro City Limits.

Dixboro United Methodist Church.
You need to ride on the ouside of the lane for Plymouth Road through Dixboro.

Outside Dixboro, the shoulder is gravel til you get to M-153.
After the M-153 intersection, the shoulder is paved, so you can ride on it.

The route passes many acres of farmland.
You need to ride on the edge of the road on Ann Arbor Trail when you reach the Plymouth city limits.

A nice farm near Frains Lake.
There are a couple of large hills along the route.

When Ann Arbor Road meets Ann Arbor Trail, you will want to follow Ann Arbor Trail to reach downtown Plymouth.
Horses near the bike route.

The bike route along Ann Arbor Trail near West Middle School and Sheldon Road.
Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill is a great place to visit in the fall.

Plymouth Township Park is a nice park located along the bike route.
Plymouth Township Park has a cool splash pad for kids.

The Penn Theater is a historic spot in Plymouth.
Dairy King in Plymouth is a great spot to get ice cream.

Some of downtown Plymouth.
Plymouth Nursery is located near the bike route.

Plymouth City Hall.
More of Plymouth.

Biking on Dixboro Road, south of Dixboro.
The University of Michigan is west of Dixboro in Ann Arbor.

Downtown Ann Arbor isn't too far from Dixboro.
The Ann Arbor Art Fair attracts artists from across the nation.

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