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Hancock, Calumet, Laurium, and Lake Linden Area Photographs »

Hancock, Calumet, Laurium and Lake Linden Area Photographs

View of the Portage Lift Bridge from Hancock.
Downtown Hancock.

Paved trail in Hancock, west of Portage Lift Bridge.
Paved section of Jack Stevens Rail Trail on the west side of Hancock.

Historic Quincy Mine, which is north of Hancock on US-41.
More of the Quincy Mine area.

View of the wide-shoulder on US-41, between Hancock and Calumet.
Jack Stevens Rail Trail north of Hancock.

Jack Stevens Rail Trail, following a rain storm, south of Calumet.
Coppertown USA Mining Museum in Calumet.

Some of downtown Calumet.
Some of the historic churches in Calumet.

More of Calumet.
Keweenaw Historical Park in Calumet.

Trail in Calumet.
View of Michigan's oldest pavement, which was installed in 1906.

View of the shoulder on M-203, between Calumet and McClain State Park.
Another view of the M-203 route (looking west).

The pavement surface changes on M-203 near McClain State Park.
McClain State Park sign.

View of Lake Superior shoreline and campground at McClain State Park.
Keweenaw Waterway Upper Entrance Light Station.

Part of downtown Laurium.
Laurium Manor Inn in Laurium.

The George Gipp Memorial in Laurium.
View of M-26 through Laurium.

Wide-shoulder bike route on M-26 north of Lake Linden.
Lake Linden City Hall.

Houghton County Historical Museum, which is off of M-26 in Lake Linden.
Boat on Torch Lake, near Lake Linden's marina.

View of M-26 bike route near Lake Linden's southern city limits.
The wide-shoulder bike route at Hubbell.

More of Hubbell.
Bike rider using the wide-shoulder bike route in Tamarack City.

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