Photos of the Trail & Cities near Hart - Montague Trail State Park


Trail on southern edge of Hart
Another view of trail

Hart 2

Hart Lake
Buildings in downtown Hart

John Curney Park entrance
Bike trail in John Curney Park, near Hart Lake


View of trail
Another view of trail

Shelter at Shelby trailhead

Shelby 5

Trail next to trailhead
Trail through Shelby


View of trail
Another view of trail

New Era trailhead
New Era

New Era 4


Trail north of New Era


Trailhead park on southern edge of Rothbury
Trailhead sign

View of trail through Rothbury


Trail north of Montague
Old trailhead for Montague, on the northern edge of town

Trail on northern edge of Montague
Montague trailhead

Trail near Business US-31
View of Montague from Whitehall

Near Montague, the White River Lighthouse is an historic spot that can be seen from Medberry Park
Beach at Medberry Park


Trail on southern side of Business US-31
Trail on north side of Business US-31

Bridge for trail on north side of Business US-31, east of Montague trailhead
View of northern part of White Lake from trail bridge

Trail near White Lake Chamber of Commerce
White Lake

Downtown Whitehall
Another view of downtown Whitehall

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