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Fred Meijer Heartland Trail Maps and Information

Starting in Greenvile, the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail is a scenic route for cyclists and hikers, passing through small communities and along acres of farmland.

A small section, northeast of Greenville, uses the wide paved shouders along Peck Road. The trail ends at the south side of Peck Road, and then trail users travel along the wide paved shoulder to Lake Road. The paved shoulder goes north along Lake Road and ends where the paved trail resumes and then goes northeast towards Stanton.

The trail is built on a route used by the CSX Railroad. In 1994 Fred Meijer and other donors funded the purchase of the abandoned rail line and its transformation into a recreation trail.

The largest towns along the trail are Greenville, Stanton, Edmore, and Alma. If you are in need of food or supplies, those communities offer numerous stores and restaurants.

Approximate distance between stops along the trail:
  • Greenville (Grove Street) to Lake Road: 6 miles
  • Lake Road to Stanton: 10 miles
  • Stanton to McBride: 4 miles
  • McBride to Edmore: 3 miles
  • Edmore to Vestaburg: 7 miles
  • Vestaburg to Riverdale: 4 miles
  • Riverdale to Ewell: 4 miles
  • Ewell to Alma: 4 miles

If you want to break the route up into segments and ride a portion, here's the approximate distance for longer routes using the trail:
  • Greenville (Grove Street) to Edmore: 23 miles
  • Stanton to Alma: 26 miles
  • Lake Road to Alma: 36 miles

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