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Photographs of Fred Meijer Heartland Trail and Nearby Towns

The Heartland Trail passes Federal Mogul in Greenville.
The trail bridge for the Heartland Trail across the Flat River.

The trail crosses the Flat River in Greenville.
Walking dogs on the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail in Greenville.

McDonald's and Wendy's are located north of the trail in Greenville, along M-91.
The trail crossing on Greenville West Drive.

The Fred Meijer Flat River Trail passes under the Heartland Trail.
The trail crossing at M-91 near Greenville.

The trail on the east side of M-91.
The bike route along Peck Road, northeast of Greenville.

The trail at Lake Road, northeast of Greenville.
View of the trail south of Stanton.

Trailhead in Stanton.
Some of downtown Stanton.

View of entering Stanton on Stanton Road. The trail crosses Stanton Road near McDonald's.
Stanton has numerous historic houses.

More of downtown Stanton.
View of trail near McDonald's in Stanton.

Just past the McBride city limts, the trail crosses Wymand Road.
Another view of the trail at McBride.

McBride's village park.
View of McBride.

McBride Village Hall.
Old Fence Rider Museum in Edmore.

The trail passes along a nice city park in Edmore, near M-46.
Trail crossing in Edmore.

View of Edmore.
Trail at Lake Road, east of Greenville.

Crossing for the Heartland Trail.
The Heartland Trail passes by the campus of Alma College.

Another part of the Heartland Trail in Alma.
Some of downtown Alma.

Baldwin Lake in Greenville.
Some of downtown Greenville.

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