Leelenau Trail & Bike Route Map and Information
The Leelenau Trail connects Traverse City and Suttons Bay in Northern Michigan. The trail offers scenic views of nearby farmland, barns and orchards. You may see deer near the trail depending on the time of day. Road cyclists can use paved road shoulders to reach Suttons Bay (see below).

The trail is paved and enables you travel between the beautiful towns of Traverse City and Suttons Bay.

Parking is available at: the trailhead on the north side of Cherry Bend Road; at the DeYoung Natural Area on the east side of Cherry Bend Road; on the south side of Fouch Road, east of Bugai Road; and at the trailhead on the south side of Fourth Street near Suttons Bay.

Bike Routes for Road Cyclists

A very scenic ride between Traverse City and Suttons Bay uses the paved road shoulder of M-22. The shoulder is usually two feet or more wide, but sometimes it narrows in spots. There are very beautiful views of Grand Traverse Bay along the way. M-22 is a popular road for car traffic, so traffic can be heavy in spurts between Suttons Bay and Traverse City during the summer.

Cyclists can ride on the paved shoulder of Cherry Bend Road and Center Hwy. to reach Suttons Bay. The paved shoulder is over two feet wide in most spots.

Stay alert and ride with caution when riding on the shoulder of a road. Before you go, it's a good idea to check the State of Michigan's construction database to make sure there will not be any construction on the road that can interfere with your ride.

About Suttons Bay

Suttons Bay is a very quaint town with art galleries, charming restaurants, and clothing boutiques. Traverse City is southwest of Suttons Bay and has a nice trail system. The Old Mission Peninsula Bike Route is also popular with area cyclists.

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