M-59 Trail and Nearby Trails Map and Information
The M-59 Trail is a combination of paved trails and sidewalk, used for biking, walking and jogging. It's approximately 17 miles to travel between Highland and Pontiac. Starting at Highland, a paved trail is on the north side of M-59 to Bogie Lake Road. At Bogie Lake Road, the paved trail is on the south side of the road and continues east to Voorheis Road. At Voorheis Road, the route along M-59 becomes sidewalk and goes east to downtown Pontiac, where you can access the Clinton River Trail.

The paved trail is sometimes cracked and uneven, and there is loose asphalt in spots. There are many restaurants, gas stations and stores along M-59, and the trail has scenic views of Oxbow Lake and Pontiac Lake.

To travel to the Pontiac Lake Recreation Area, take the M-59 trail to Williams Lake Road, and then go north on the sidewalk along Williams Lake Road to the entrance of Pontiac Lake Recreation Area.

To reach Highland Recreation Area, you can take the paved trail east from Highland. The trail becomes a paved shoulder along the south side of M-59 and leads to the the entrance to the park.

To travel to Clarkston, you can use paved paths and sidewalks along Airport Road, Williams Lake Road, and Andersonville Road to reach the paved path along Dixie Highway. Go north along Dixie Highway to Main Street., and then use the bike route along Main Street to reach downtown Clarkston.

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