Macomb Orchard Trail and Nearby Paths Map and Information
The Macomb Orchard Trail stretches over 23 miles in Macomb County, from Dequindre Road to Richmond, Michigan. The paved trail is used for biking, walking, jogging, and roller-blading.

The trail travels through wooded areas, past farmland, near a few commercial areas, and close to some residential areas. It passes through the outskirts of Romeo and Armada, and its western end is located near downtown Richmond. It offers a colorful ride in the fall when the leaves on the trees and bushes near the trail change color.

Parking areas for the trail include:
  • On the north side of West Road, east of Mound Road. Picnic tables and a vaulted toilet are located at the parking area.

  • On the south side of Armada at Fulton Road. A small parking area is located next to the trail on the east side of the road, but you could also park next to the trail on the west side of the road.

  • At Armada Ridge Road, west of Welding Road. A vaulted toilet is located at the parking area.

  • In Richmond, there is a free municipal parking lot on Parker Street, just north of the trail entrance at Gateway Park. Vaulted toilets and a shelter are located at Gateway Park.

Approximate Distances:
  • Dequindre Road to West Road: 3.75 miles

  • West Road to Romeo: 6 miles

  • Romeo to Armada: 6.5 miles

  • Armada to Richmond: 6.75 miles

The west end of the Macomb Orchard Trail connects to the Clinton River Trail at Dequindre Road, east of Rochester.

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