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Photos of Munising, Marquette & More »

Munising, Marquette & Bike Route Photographs

Wide-shoulder bike route on M-28, headed toward Munising.
Munising City Hall.

Munising's harbor in the fall.
Munising Range Light, which is located off of M-28.

M-28 in Munising.
Another view of Munising.

On the south side of M-28, a scenic turnout provides a panoramic view of Grand Island and some of the Pictured Rocks.
Part of the panoramic view from scenic turnout.

The bike route passes the road to the Grand Island ferry.
The route along M-28, between Munising and Christmas.

Entering Christmas.
A gift shop in Christmas.

View of Au Train Bay from the trail.
View of Lake Superior from the route.

Roadside park along M-28.
The roadside park has a restroom, picnic facilities, and a great view of Lake Superior.

Headed on M-28 towards US-41, you'll ride under a railroad bridge a couple miles from US-41.
(Headed towards Munising) the route along M-28 is often hilly and provides scenic views of the landscape.

(Headed towards Munising) a short distance from US-41, you'll see a mile marker next to M-28 for how far it is to Munising.
The paved trail along US-41 takes you to downtown Marquette.

Downtown Marquette.
Marquette County Courthouse.

Old iron ore loader at Marquette's marina (you can see an active iron ore loader north of town, near Presque Isle Point).
Another view of downtown Marquette.

More of downtown Marquette.
Marquette Lighthouse.

Northern Michigan University is located in Marquette.
The Superior Dome is north of downtown Marquette.

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