Northern Tier Trail Map and Information
Located on the northern-edge of East Lansing, the Northern Tier Trail is a 10-foot-wide paved trail for bicycling, walking, and jogging. The trail connects Abbott Road Park, the Aquatic & Softball Complex, White Memorial Park, and Harrison Meadows Park.

The trail is used throughout the year and borders natural areas that have wildlife, flowers, and wetlands.

West of the Northern Tier Trail, you'll find lots of shopping and restaurants in the Eastwood Towne Center on Lake Lansing Road.

Downtown East Lansing is a vibrant area with specialty stores, unique restaurants, and several bars/nightclubs.

Michigan State University is a vital part of East Lansing. The city's population grows significantly between September and May when classes are in session, and the university's athletic, music, and arts programs provide plenty of entertainment throughout the year. The Wharton Center regularly hosts live concerts, musicals, and performances featuring national acts, and the Kresge Art Museum features works of nationally-respected artists and MSU students.

Nearby Lansing is Michigan's State Capital, and there are several places to visit during the daylight hours in downtown Lansing, including the Library of Michigan and the Michigan Historical Museum. On the nortwest side of Lansing, the Lansing Mall on Saginaw Hwy/M-43 offers plenty of shopping and restaurants.

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