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Photos of Pere Marquette Rail Trail & More

Photos of the Trails, Cities & More »

Photographs of the Trail & More


Midland 0

Midland 1

West of Midland
Trail near Northwood University

Midland 2

Midland 3

Pere Marquette Rail Trail

Midland 4

Midland 5

View of downtown/park, from Tridge
Downtown Midland

Midland 6


Midland's beautiful County Courthouse


Sanford 1

Sanford museum, near Sanford trailhead on west edge of town
Parking lot at Sanford trailhead on west edge of town

Sanford 2

Sanford 3

View of trail, west of trailhead
Bridge to east of trailhead

Sanford 4

North Lake Sanford Park--not connected to trail, but very nice park northeast of trailhead
Trailhead at downtown Sanford

Sanford 6

Another view of trailhead at downtown Sanford
Historic marker at downtown Sanford trailhead


North Bradley 0

Bridge for equestrian trail
Trailhead at North Bradley

North Bradley 2

North Bradley 3

View west from trailhead, the equestrian trail is on right in picture
View east from trailhead

North Bradley 4


Rail trail bridge, east of North Bradley


Coleman 0

View west from trailhead in Coleman
Sign at Coleman trailhead

Coleman 2

Coleman 3

Coleman trailhead
View east from trailhead

Coleman 4




Loomis 0

Loomis 1

Loomis trailhead
Parking lot at trailhead

Loomis 2

Loomis 3

Picnic area next to trail at trailhead


Clare 1

Downtown Clare
Another view of Downtown Clare

Clare 2

Parking lot of trailhead on east edge of Clare
View east from trailhead

Clare 4




Farwell 0

Farwell 1

Part of the trail in Farwell.
Some of downtown Farwell.

Farwell 2

Farwell 3

Museum and Chamber of Commerce in Farwell.
Another part of downtown Farwell.

Farwell 4

Farwell 5

Trail crossing near downtown.
Surrey Township Public Library in Farwell.

Farwell 7

The Pere Marquette Trail near Beaver Avenue, between Farwell and Clare.
The Pere Marquette Trail ends east of Farwell, near the Clare Moose Lodge.


Evart 0

View west from the Evart trailhead.
The trailhead in Evart.

Evart 2

Evart 3

City Hall is located at the old Depot, which is part of the trailhead for the Pere Marquette Trail.
Picnic area near the trailhead in Evart.

Evart 5

An old railroad bridge used by the trail, east of the trailhead.
Part of the view from the bridge.

Evart 6

Evart 7

East of the trail bridge.
Snowmobile laws are posted near the trailhead.

Evart 8

Evart 9

Some of downtown Evart.
Pere Marquette Trail east of Evart, near Partridge Avenue.


Hersey 1

The trail near the Hersey trailhead.
The historic Hersey Congregational Church.

Hersey 2

Hersey 3

Near the center of Hersey.
Trail crossing at 180th, near the trailhead.


A farm located in Hersey.

  Reed City

Reed City 0

Reed City 1

The Reed City Depot is at the trailead for the Pere Marquette Trail and the White Pine Trail. There are restrooms at the Depot.
Walking on the Pere Marquette Trail in Reed City.

Reed City 2

Reed City 3

Trail crossing on the east side of Reed City.
The White Pine Trail also passes through Reed City.

Reed City 4

Reed City 5

The trail west of Reed City on the way to Baldwin.
Downtown Reed City on a winter day.

Reed City 6

Reed City 7

Part of the Pere Marquette Trail near downtown.
There are picnic tables and restrooms at the Depot.

There are picnic tables and restrooms at the Depot.
The paved section ends on the west side of Reed City.

Reed City 10


The unpaved section goes to Baldwin and is used quite a bit for snowmobiling in the winter.


Chase 0

Trail east of Chase
Snowmobile on trail

Chase 2




Baldwin 0

Baldwin 1

Trail in Balwdin, looking east

Baldwin 2

Baldwin 3

Trailhead parking lot
Trailhead parking lot

Baldwin 4



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