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Pittsfield Township Trails and Bike Routes Map, Photos and Information

Pittsfield Township has several trails and bike routes to enjoy. Hiking trails are located at a few township parks, and paved paths for biking, walking, jogging and roller-blading are located along a few roads. You can use a bike route to ride between Pittsfield Township, Ann Arbor, and Saline.

Parks with Trails

Pittsfield Township has a few parks with trails:
  • Lillie Park is one of the most scenic parks in the Ann Arbor area. The southern part of the park has paved and limestone-covered trails that loop near marsh and through wooded areas. The park also has soccer fields, picnic shelters, a playscape, and restrooms.

    The northern part of Lillie Park has a paved trail with several loops near a sparkling lake. The park has fishing piers on the lake and restrooms near the parking area. The Platt Road Greenway can be accessed from the park.

  • Marsh View Meadows Park is on the south side of Textile Road, near Marton Road. The 54-acre park has two miles of mostly limestone-covered trails. The trails pass through heavily wooded areas and near marshland. The park has a nice playscape, picnic shelter, and restrooms.

  • Montibeller Park is on the north side of Ellsworth Road, near Meijer and a fire station. The 7-acre park has nature trails at the back of the park that meander through the woods and two clearings that are north of the ball diamonds. Half of the trails are woodchip-covered, with the other being grass.

  • The Old Hickory Trail is on the south side of Textile Road, west of Platt Road. The grass/dirt trail loops through a wooded area. Depending on the time of the year, you may see wildflowers along the trail.

  • Pittsfield Preserve North has over two miles of trails for hiking, through wooded areas, past wetlands, and near farmland. The mostly grass-covered trails can be accessed from trailheads on Marton Road and Thomas Road.

  • Prairie Park is located behind the township offices on Michigan Avenue/US-12. The park has a nature trail that loops through an area with tall grass and trees and then past a pond. The park has a nice playscape near the parking area.

Other nearby parks with trails include:
  • Mary McCann Park in York Township has nature trails that pass through wooded areas and over prairie land with tall grass. There are wildflowers and several varieties of trees along the trails. Be aware that ticks can be a problem at the park.

  • Scarlett Mitchell Nature Preserve, which is in Ann Arbor off Platt Road, has nearly two miles of nature trails that loop through wooded areas, past a pond, and near marshland. The trail segment near Platt Road has a narrow trail bordered by shrubs/trees. As you go farther along the trail, the wooded area opens up, and there are tall trees, ferns, and wildflowers along the trail. The trail has end points that lead to two housing subdivisions and a middle school. The trail surface is mostly dirt, but there are segments that have woodchips or boards.

  • Mary Beth Doyle Park has paved and unpaved trails. The paved trails loop around a pond and near the very-popular frisbee golf course. The unpaved trails pass through wooded areas.

  • Curtiss Park in Saline has a dirt nature trail that loops through a wooded area. Depending on the time of the year, you may see wildflowers next to the trail. The park has some nice scenery along a river, near the playground and picnic shelter at the front of the park.

  • Wilderness Park in Saline has dirt nature trails. The wide grass/dirt trails pass through heavily wooded areas.

Greenway Trails

Pittsfield Township has paved trails along a few streets that can be used for biking, walking, jogging, and roller-blading.
  • The Lohr Road Greenway is between Ellsworth Road and Textile Road, with part of the trail going along Textile Road to Tefft Park. The trail is nearly 2.5 miles long. It can be combined with sidewalks on Lohr Road, Ellsworth Road, or Woodland Drive to create a longer route.

  • Platt Road Greenway is almost 2.5 miles long and goes along the east side of Platt Road, connecting to the trails at Lillie Park. You can access the paved path along Ellsworth Road, which is about a half of a mile long, from the greenway.

Bike Routes

Using the paved shoulders/bikelanes along Maple Street, Maple Road, Ellsworth Road, and Platt Road, you can ride from Saline through Pittsfield Township to Ann Arbor. The route along along Maple Road has several rolling hills, while Ellsworth Road a few hills. Be aware that Ellsworth Road can be very busy on weekdays, especially during the morning and afternoon rush hours. On most weekends, the traffic is moderate along the roads with the bike routes.

In Ann Arbor, there is a sidewalk bike route along Packard Road that goes east through Ypsilanti, as well as a bike route along State Street that leads to downtown Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan.

In Saline, you can share the road and ride along the outside of Textile to reach the Lohr Road Greenway or to reach the bike route along Woodland Drive. You can ride along Thibault and Ann Arbor Street to reach downtown Saline.

When using a bike route or riding along the side of a road, always obey traffic laws, stay alert, and ride with caution. Before you go, it's a good idea to check the State of Michigan's construction database to make sure there will not be any construction on the road that can interfere with your ride.

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